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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Paul Malleck

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Here's his Discoveries List from last year:

THE HALLOWEEN TREE d. Mario Piluso, w/ Ray Bradbury 1993.
The fantastic Cartoon Network t.v. movie pulls out all the stops!! I don't know how in hell it took me so long to see this flick. Absolutely fabulous!! The glee, intrigue and overall childlike curiosity will sweep you away off this stupid digital planet and back to a time where cartoons were drawn by hand, and not by that Pixar poop. Come along for a ride and learn of ancient Halloween customs and sail upon Ray Bradbury's narration into lala land. One of my daughters favorite films!!

THE SECRET OF THE LOCH d. Milton Rosmer 1934.
A top notch fantasy monster comedy for the whole family. A kookoo professor sets out to prove the existence of Nessie despite everyone around him being poser ass skeptics. Hilarity and screaming matches follow most of the film as the battle to win the minds of the town ensue. And after a fantastic underwater quest with brilliant photography the beast is spotted and the town of non believers shut there mouths for good!!

THE LAST DINOSAUR, d. Alexander Grasshoff, 1977.
Late entry dinosaur horror/fantasy with a big game hunter meathead trapped in a prehistoric pocket of modern earth. Stalked by the very game he hunted and surrounded by prehistoric man. What a breath of fresh air to run upon a dino-film in the late seventies chock full of claymation and kindred heartfelt magic. Another nail in the coffin of CGI!!

4D MAN. d, Erwin S. Yeaworth Jr. 1959.
Two brothers discover the 4th dimension and fight over a woman. Draining the life out of others and fighting the world while passing through walls and killing people. Has science gone too far? What perils can a love torn heart drive a man to madness? Awesome effects and a fast paced thrill into the macabre while questioning science and morality!!

THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, d. Guillermo Del Toro, 2001.
Before Del Toro became famous for the films Blade 2 and CGI Labrinth, he trekked subtler grounds with The Devil's Backbone and Cronos. It's a beautiful and dark ghost story, but not necessarily a horror film either. The characters are very developed and so so interesting, especially the broad missing a leg. Proving again, the poorer the director the better the product.

BLACK RAIN, d. Shohei Imamura. 1989.
Stark realism and brutal honesty. The H-bomb, what a fucking discrace. Following the aftermath of Hiroshima through the eyes of grieving families you start to realize the true lasting effect of war. Every human on the planet needs to sit down and watch this while burning the American flag. We only learn from our past when we care about history!!

THE JAWS OF SATAN, d. Bob Claver. 1981.
A priest battles Satan incarnate in a snake in the filthy dirty south. The same bible belt where Jesus zealots dance with snakes?? The priest bumbles everything including his faith and his sanity. I also hate snakes and religion so this one scared the hell outta me.

INVISIBLE AGENT, d. Edwin L. Marin. 1942.
Another sequel to the Invisible Man, but this one is the best. This time he's an agent infiltrating the Nazi's thus making it Nazisploitation. So fun, but so racist too. There's a lot of anti-asian shit in the film which makes no sense. I am a sucker for Nazi horror, and this one is an old motherfucker.

MIAMI CONNECTION, d. Y.K. Kim, Woo-sang Park. 1987.
Overlooked gem in the late 80's comes back with a punch in modern times to teach us what is important in life in our times of soul less digital sterile lives. A rock band with the most positive lyrics in history comprising of many a race becomes a true family and takes on drug tycoons and ninjas with martial arts. Families are reunited, independent restaurants are supported and above all else, true genuine heart bleeds through the film and touches your darkest hatred.

CAZADOR DE DEMONIOS, d. Gilberto de Anda. 1983.
With no gringo ass subtitles this Mexican blasphemy spits in the face of God with the crispest of Modelo's. From what I get as a gringo a child is stillborn into blasphemy as a priest waves a pediphile finger. This child is a half beast werewolf and reaks havoc until some asshole kills him. This is my epitome of Mexican horror, so fucking dark, so fucking fun and so opposite of the Catholic stranglehold on their country!!


Scott M said...

Awesome! I am a huge Invisible Agent fan as well. A very entertaining film. Lots of Peter Lorre and cold cream!

SteveQ said...

I think Black Rain got overlooked because of the Hollywood film of the same name released about the same time. Unfortunate.