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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Stephen Scarlata

Mr. Scarlata is a personal friend of mine and he and I are were very much raised on a lot of the same 80s junk/goodness. One of his favorite movies is THE PIT. He's a cool fella.
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Stephen Scarlata Film Discoveries 2012

This is my favorite older film discovery this year. An incredibly atmospheric and strangely hypnotic film directed by Jean Rollin. It plays on the TMC Underground here and there so defiantly keep an eye out for it.

Mad Max-style tale of a man who takes revenge against a group of bikers. Fantastic action climax, nihilistic and just weird, defiantly one of my favorite finds this past year.

W IS WAR (1983)
This was brought to my attention by the Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnight Cinema podcast and I can’t thank them enough for introducing me to this motion picture. This is beautiful, this is art.

I’m a huge Billy Blanks fan and I can’t believe I missed this one back in the day. Billy Blanks is assigned to infiltrate the ‘Virtual Arts Academy’ and discovers that a cult leader is behind the creation of this high-tech facility where he is training a new generation of assassins inside a virtual reality arena.
I looked this movie up after I viewed it and discovered that they made a Street Fighter style video game of this film back when it was released. One of the strangest Video Game experiences of the 90’s was playing as Van Damme playing Guile in the Street Fighter movie adaptation game so it kills me that I missed out on playing Billy Blanks in a fighting game.

Found this to be highly entertaining. A horror movie compilation surrounding a video store clerk tormenting his customer’s by showing them scenes from various 70’s & 80’s horror films. Contains scenes from Return of the Deadly Spawn, Suicide Cult, Alien Prey, Cathy’s Curse, Vampire Hookers, Scalps and the Slayer. 
Can be viewed on YouTube Here: 

A fun and strange horror martial arts film with a bizarre boss battle.
Can be Viewed on YouTube Here:

I remember this was a bomb when it was released. It opened the same weekend as Disturbia and came in 6th place only making 5 million on a budget of 45 million. I avoided back then and watching it now I’m kicking myself for not supporting it theatrically. I know it’s not a four star movie but being a fan of the latest Conan movie and of Karl Urban I ended up really enjoying this film.

I wasn’t a fan of this movie but it’s the most memorable WTF experiences I had in 2012. Most likely you’ll say WTF a hundred times if you can finish this film in one sitting. I’m not sure what the hell I watched. But imagine if they got the director of those 1990’s Magic Eye videos and he made a computer graphics feature then you’ll get this hour and a half of pure madness.

A female cyborg that looks like the singer of the 80’s glam metal band Europe with extra teased hair comes to earth and hunts an escaped alien and the teenagers that befriended it. Anther fun B-movie from one of my favorite filmmakers Fred Olen Ray.

Yeah, everyone was right about this movie. This really is a fantastic thriller and Robert Mitchum’s performance as the evil Reverend may be one of the best villain’s I’ve seen in years. Makes me wonder why I don’t watch enough good movies.

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