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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Cathie Horlick

Cat(Cahcat on Twitter) always rocks an awesome list! She is a dedicated movie watcher and a DARKMAN-ite. Do yourself  a favor and go check out her lovely blog:

In 2012 I watched 358 movies, 245 of those I had never seen before and 119 were movies made before the year 2000. The following films are all pre 2000 and have become some of my new favorites.

“Black Leather, Black Leather, SMASH, SMASH, SMASH.” – A surprising film that start out like a wild teen rebel movie and turns into core science fiction. With Oliver Reed, a great catchy song and super twist ending it blew me away. Special thanks goes to @sinaphile for bringing this to the New Beverly Big Screen.

A sweet and endearing silent film starring staring the lovely Mary Pickford, the second oldest films I saw this year. (The oldest was SPARROWS (1926) and it was a re-see for me.) MY BEST GIRL was a romantic comedy where Mary is a working girl, taking care of her family. She meets a man whom she falls for and he turns out to be a rich man in disguise.

Ida Lupino is one of my favorite actors and filmmakers. I got this film through the Warner Archive and dug it from beginning to end. Ida is paired with John Garfield. Garfield is a gangster trying to start up his own extortion ring and Ida of course falls for him, though she knows he’s up to no good. A solid noir.

Samuel Fuller’s big World War II flick with a super cast! I’d been trying to see this one for a while and finally got my chance at the New Beverly. Lee Marvin is The Sergeant leading his unit through a series of battles as they all try and survive.

Clifton Webb is a professor at a college. His daughter discovers his past as a silent film heartthrob (the DREAMBOAT) when his old films start showing up on television. Clifton and his daughter try and get them off the little screen and along the way Clifton’s fans are so happy to see him return. They show the old silent films he was in within the movie and it’s all just a delightful romp.

A horror movie, where a small town college is conducting a brainwashing experiment that’s turning teenagers into killers. It’s a movie that I love, mostly because of one special moment, a party with a synchronized dance number. Oh, and it’s also got Kate Rambo from ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HIGH SCHOOL.

On one of my VHS movie nights we watched this strange film. A guy is infected by some monster and becomes the carrier of a disease where any inanimate object he touches spreads a melting plague. The townsfolk begin using cats to test objects for infection. The whole town melts down from within. It may have melted my brain a little.

EVOLVER (1995)
A young and cute Ethan Embry wins the live action robot of his favorite virtual reality game. The robot EVOLVER is around to play tag but doesn’t like to lose and goes on a killing spree. As each level of the live action game is played EVOLVER morphs into a tougher robot. It was a surprisingly entertaining flick.

The New Beverly screened this and I adored it. Originally a TV movie in Germany this sci-fi tale delves into virtual reality and world within a world. The story was done again in the 90’s as THE THRTEENTH FLOOR, but WORLD ON A WIRE had excellent style and of course is far superior.

Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell dance across the screen inspiring happy feet and big smiles. Fred Astaire is part of a dancing duo with George Murphy. It’s George who gets to dance with Eleanor in a big Broadway show thanks to some mistaken identity mix up. But as things go along to get to the happy ending there’s lots of fantastic dancing.

This was an 80’s movie that I had wanted to see for a long time. Gary Farmer is Philbert, a Native American living on the reservation ready to go on his spiritual journey. Buddy Red Bow, played by A Martinez is an activist for his tribe who has to leave the reservation to get rescue his sister and her kids out jail. Buddy and Philbert hit the road and it’s a truly captivating movie with lots of spirit. I loved Gary Farmer’s character the most.


JoeyBanks said...

That clip from Strange Behaviour/Dead Kids is all kinds of awesomeness. Huge fan of Strange Invaders too.

HalfManHalfMovie said...

The clip from Strange Behaviour/Dead Kids is all kinds of awesomeness. Also a huge fan of Strange Invaders. Terrific list.

Ned Merrill said...

STRANGE BEHAVIOR was a favorite video discovery I recall watching with a young Rupert Pupkin back in Madison in the '90s. I missed a 35mm screening of it here in NY several months ago and I'm still kicking myself.

For this big Garfield and Lupino fan, OUT OF THE FOG is particularly memorable for its Sheepshead Bay set, as well as the opportunity to see Garfield in his only villainous role, said to be inspired by the growing Nazi threat in Europe.

Saw THESE ARE THE DAMNED a couple years back via that excellent Hammer DVD boxset, after hearing much hype about it for years prior. It. Did. Not. Disappoint.