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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Samurai of the GGTMC

My good friend the Samurai from The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema is not a big fan of list making, so I am all the more pleased that he conjured up this one:
In no particular order:

Chelsea on the Rocks(2008)- Abel Ferrara doc on the infamous Hotel Chelsea in New York City. It has some weird flashbacks and strange reenactments but it also has that energy that only Abel can bring to this type of subject matter.

Second Chance(1953)- Robert Mitchum and Jack Palance and a lady in between shot in 3D!! Never saw this before and never heard of it and came across it one night on TCM. Not an astounding piece of cinema but worth a view for Palance alone.
Dreaming the Reality- bat shit insane girls with guns film that we recently covered and has stuck with me ever since.

Dark Country(2009)- Thomas Jane's directorial debut and an overlooked little genre film. Jane's direction is assured, the story is solid and it feels like a coked out Twilight Zone episode!!!
The Dungeon Masters- real people that have issues with reality, people that need fantasy to help them cope with the harsh realities of the world and I like how the doc doesnt shy away from their faults as human beings.

Final Score(1986)- from Arizal, the most under rated action director possibly of all time, come this Chris Mitchum joint and it does not disappoint!!! One of the craziest finales to any film EVER!!!

The Red Chapel(2009)- Mads Brugger is insane...between this film and The Ambassador he is a film maker to watch. This gives you an inside look at North Korea and it is chilling...

Letter Never Sent(1959)- from Mikhail Kalatazov the director of I am Cuba. THis film was easily my favorite discovery of 2012. A STUNNING MASTERPIECE!!!

The Scarlet Worm(2011)- a low budget western that is far from perfect but really nails the nasty vibe of a modern day spaghetti....friend of the show Mike Malloy was involved behind and in front of the camera....check it out, wont be for everybody.

The Grissom Gang(1971)- a film I reviewed on the Mondo Filmcast and had never seen until this year, very good genre film with excellent performance, especially Kim Darby, Scott Wilson and Tony Musante.

Terror Express(1979)- In my never ending quest to see everything that has the involvement of George Eastman it seems, we came across this little number directed by Ferdinando Baldi and scripted by Eastman. This is one of the sleaziest films I have ever seen and I had a blast with it, very simple, one or two set film. Just nasty and highly recommended.

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