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Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite Underrated Comedies - Noah Lee

Mr. Lee is a part time contributor to Film Threat ( focusing mostly on coverage for SXSW and Fantastic Fest and also one of the HorrorsNotDead team ( He also watches hundreds a movies a year and keeps track of them with the Tallyteers, a group of fanatical movie watchers. Check him out at Twitter at @noahphex, his personal website ( or at his movie logging website (  

When asked to pick my five favorite underrated comedies it was easy to come up with movies I loved but to determine whether they’re actual underrated is less so and even harder to narrow it down to just five. I feel this list comprises flicks that always make me laugh but are ones I rarely hear people talk about or rarely ever see on people’s best comedies list. These movies are just plain hilarious, and also mostly Canadian, because everyone knows that’s where the best humor usually comes from.

1. Out Cold (2001) - This is a Canadian comedy that always comes up in my mind when thinking about some of my favorites. It’s the first time I can remember seeing Zach Galifianakis and here he’s paired up with Jason London, a super cute A.J. Cook, the ever funny David Koechner, and a guest appearance from Lee Majors. It’s a ski comedy updated from the likes of Ski School, Ski Patrol and Hot Dog...The Movie and better than all of them. It’s low brow humor, so be warned, but it never fails to put a smile on my face when this ragtag group of ski instructors attempt to save their lodge from being sold to an evil buyer.

2. Mystery Team (2009) - Before Donald Glover was popular as a rapper and as Troy on Community he was part of an excellent sketch comedy group, Derrick Comedy. You can find tons of their videos on YouTube and they’re well worth a watch. When Mystery Team was touring I ventured out to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse with the DC stars in attendance and since then I’ve been a huge fan of the film. A tight-knit group of friends have grown up from being the young boys who helped solve neighborhood crimes to adults who haven’t grown up and now must help solve a murder. It also stars Aubrey Plaza, Jon Daly, and Bobby Moynihan and is not only hilarious but also quite touching.

3. Oddballs (1984) - This Canadian comedy came on my radar thanks to the Canuxploitation website. Over the top with absurd, sillier than clown fart humor, this kid camp comedy is balls to the walls dumb. But it’s dumb in a totally heartfelt way where it’s obvious the filmmakers were trying their best to throw every joke at the wall to see what sticks. And honestly, most of it does. You have nonstop pop culture references, jokes that repeat throughout the film and even more subvert humor. There’s a distinct lack of breasts here, but it makes up for it by having a revolting amount of funny.

4. The Loved One (1965) - I recently watched this on the new Warner Archive streaming service and knew nothing about it. This is a dark comedy about a young British man who travels to Hollywood to inter his uncle’s remains at a wacky, rich funeral parlor and ends up in a romance with one of their workers. Not only is the subject matter a bit off the wall, but so are the cleverly written characters. And what a cast of them we got here: Jonathan Winters, Milton Berle, James Coburn, John Gielgud, Liberace, and Roddy McDowell and even more. This is pure gold through and through.

5. Roller Town (2012) - A movie that just recently had a release on Netflix Instant and had made the film festival rounds without ever making a theatrical release (that I know of!). What happens when a town that just wants to roller boogie is overtaken by those blasted new video games? Hell breaks loose, that’s what happens! And what about the guy throwing bricks at random passerbys? And the squirrel throwing? And roller babes? And gross out humor and sex jokes? Got em. Oh yes, Roller Town has it all. It’s my kind of stupid and should be everyone else’s.


KC said...

What? Roller Town? Bless you for introducing me to this. As one who has seen Roller Boogie about 20 times, I need this in my life.

noahphex said...

If you love any roller skating flicks you're gonna love Roller Town!