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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Favorite Underrated Comedies - Dale Lloyd

Dale Lloyd is a badass VHS collector who can be found on Twitter @VivaVHS.
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Selecting underrated movies is a tricky thing as I find it hard to tell just what some people regard as classics. It all comes down to personal preference and so my choices are based on what I believe to be movies that rarely get a fair trial.

The Van (1996)
Directed by Stephen Frears, who's probably better known for directing such classics as The Grifters and High Fidelity, but few people seem to recall this hilarious effort from 1996. The plot is as good as it sounds - two friends decide to buy an ice-cream van and turn it into a mobile chip shop during the 1990 World Cup. It's the third part in 'The Barrytown trilogy' which also consists of The Commitments and The Snapper. Of course, The Commitments is the funnier movie but it's a bloody close call. I can remember crying with laughter at certain points and still quote it to this day.
Not only is this movie underrated, it would sneak into a top 50 comedy list of all time for me. "I am NOT Gerry McCarthy!"

Nothing But Trouble (1991)
I caught this movie during a John Candy obsession in my early teens. I enjoyed it so much upon first viewing that I hit rewind and watched it all over again. I am sick to death of defending it to friends and include it on this list for that reason alone. It is by no means terrible and I find it hard to believe that Aykroyd hasn't directed anything since. I'll say one thing, it has been a few years since I saw it last but I doubt it has aged a day.

Tapeheads (1988)
This was recommended to me by a good friend and I will forever be in his debt. Only in the 80s could this movie get made! It is beyond mental. Cusack and Robbins make the perfect pairing as oddball music video film makers and like the tagline suggests... It is indeed "A funny movie with music". And what better music to hope for than that of The Swanky Modes (!!!!). It also features a spectacular music video for the Devo hit, Baby Doll. What more could you ask for?

Bachelor Party (1984)
One of the first comedies my Dad ever sat me down and educated me with. The cast is incredible and Hanks is on fine form. With the exception of The Burbs' he has rarely bettered this for a comedic performance. I've lost count of the amount of times that I have seen it. From the tennis match Hanks' character plays with his girlfriend's (Tawny Kitaen) family, to the 3D punch in the face, it just delivers laugh after laugh after laugh. I only include this on the list because I rarely meet people who have seen it, let alone talk about it as a well regarded movie.

Dutch Treat (1987)
I think it's only fair to add a new watch for me. You know, pass on the wealth. I caught the trailer for this movie a few months back and realised that it was in my collection. So on my last sort, I pulled it out and added it to the watch-pile. I am so glad that I did too because it's fantastic. Essentially the two leads are Richard Dreyfuss and Woody Allen impersonators, and that's a not a bad thing. Two friends jump aboard a boat pretending to be illusionists but are soon found out, handed over to the Police in Holland and madness ensues. The pair happen upon an all female rock group called The Dolly Dots and once again lie by telling them they are record executives that could offer them a deal if they ever came to the US. Well, they do just that. It's delightfully bonkers and I genuinely enjoyed every minute of it. It reminds me a lot of Tapeheads actually. I urge you all to check it out.
I believe this is still unavailable on DVD.

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Ned Merrill said...

Love BACHELOR PARTY. Spent way too many hours watching and re-watching that film in my youth and adolescence. So much quotable dialogue and, as in all good '80s comedies, one of the douchebag characters winds up naked in public.