A virtual high school of hilarity.

Ha ha just kidding! I’ll start the list off with the kingslayer of the genre. Though it has all the elements of a classic boner comedy, it’s perhaps the most depressing laugh riot of the ‘80s, showing its young audience a harsh truth: love is hell.

Legendary exploitation filmmaker Greydon Clark distills everything great about the 1980s (punks, nerds, valley girls, wild fashion, and Pac-Man) into one video game-fueled, late-night partyblast! Featuring extensive use of classic machines like Galaxian, Pole Position, Super Pac-Man and Satan’s Hollow - in addition to an all-time-great theme song and an epic battle against parental disapproval - this is a film for people totally into the neverending pursuit of brain-shattering FUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!

Three middle-aged dudes visit California to have a sexy time at the beach but quickly learn that what they have won’t cut it. Enter scammin', jammin' Scotty Palmer and his total-rager-of-a-buddy Rag (Children of the Corn’s Courtney Gains!) to help out. This sex comedy is one of the best of the bunch, bolstered by Vixen briefly performing one of the best songs of the decade, Computer Madness!

HOT MOVES (1984)
Hot Moves is an amateurish mess but has a laid back charm and vintage Venice Beach & Hollywood Blvd authenticity that’s hard to resist. Private School star Michael Zorek leads a pack of young horndogs that makes a pact to lose their virginity by the end of summer. Yep, the classic boner jam plot.

They say you can tell a lot about a person based on their favorite Meatballs movies… and I’m a Part II fan all the way! Though this entry in the franchise eschews total sex to focus on camp hijinks and inspired lunacy (it’s rated PG like the similarly themed and equally great Oddballs), it’s still a total ball. C’mon, what sort of asshole wouldn’t love a comedy starring Richard Mulligan, Hamilton Camp, Paul Reubens, John Larroquette and an adorable ET-knockoff named Meathead?