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Monday, April 1, 2013

WAC'd Out Sets: Have no Fear, The Hair Bear Bunch is finally here.

I think it's no secret that I am a huge Hanna-Barbera fan. I was even on this Animation Fascination Podcast episode a while back to talk about it:
Like so many folks who were youngsters about the time that I was, I was indoctrinated into the H&B world with SCOOBY DOO. Those old shows are still total comfort food to me. SCOOBY was one of the shows that got me straight up hooked on cartoons. I was(and still kinda am) a cartoon addict. I would watch cartoons from 6:30 AM to noon on some Saturdays. Even that wasn't enough though. What was an addict to do on week nights? Well one might stumble across a little show called USA Cartoon Express(so named because it was on the USA Network). Said show was a variety hour of cartoons. Said cartoons were almost exclusively Hanna-Barbera product. It was here that I was introduced to WHEELIE AND THE CHOPPER BUNCH, CAPTAIN CAVEMAN and among other shows, HELP! IT'S THE HAIR BEAR BUNCH.
These bears were just too darned cool for school. They made Yogi & Boo Boo look like squares for sure. Pic-i-nic baskets? No way, these bears had their own stylin' bachelor pad in the form of a tricked out cave(complete with fridge, TV and groovy chairs that cold be hidden with the flip of a switch). Their mission? To escape their Wonderland Zoo prison and get into mischief under the noses if zookeeper Mr. Peevly and his inept sidekick Botch lest they be banished to the horrors of...The North Woods! 

The bears were as follows: 1) Hair Bear(voiced by the legendary Daws Butler), the fast-talking leader of the bears who was always dreaming up a new scheme, 2) the mumbly-talking Bubi Bear & 3) the laid back Square Bear(owner of an invisible motorcycle). Each week the bears used their smarts to outwit the bumbling duo and often made hasty exits on Square's invisible cycle(one of the silliest parts of the show, that was never addressed or even commented on, which I love). Perhaps there was some kind of anti-establishment streak in me as a youngster so that was part of what I responded to, who knows. Nonetheless, Hair Bear and company were a soothing watch for me. I often found my foot tapping along with the catchy theme whenever I watched, itching with anticipation to see what mischief the bears would get into this go round. Am excited to expose my little girl to this show as she has responded quite well to other old-school HB cartoons such as FRANKENSTEIN JR. AND THE IMPOSSIBLES, THE AMAZING CHAN AND THE CHAN CLAN, HONG KONG PHOOEY and of course SCOOBY DOO(her favorite).

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Robert M. Lindsey said...

You must be a bit younger than I, because I remember many of those cartoons when they first came on Saturday mornings.

I loved the Hair Bear Bunch and even had sheets with them.