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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Kayla Kromer

Miss Kayla Kromer is a 2nd grade teacher who cobbled the Hamburger Bed, the Millennium Falcon bed and thousands of other amazing things(and she will make more!) She writes for Lounge Geeks:
She can be found on twitter at @KaylaKro:

This piece originally appeared on Lounge Geeks here:

Her list:

Delicatessen(1991; Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet) -I have been dragging my feet to watch Delicatessen for years because of the cannibalism. The pig on the video box cover weirded me out. But, I must kick myself for doubting Jeunet… i loved it!

Hedwig and The Angry Inch(2001; John Cameron Mithcell) -This is movie is sad song masked in color. The searching for what makes us whole is relatable. -so is the glitter. Very well made.

Fish Story(2009; Yoshihiro Nakamura) - 1. great song. 2.great great song. 3. the payoff is sooooo goooood

ONE FROM THE HEART(1982; Francis Ford Coppola)
One From the Heart- it’s like De Palma and Brooks had a baby and it was lullabied by Tom Waits beautifully .l love the stage look. and i want to grow up to be 1/3rd as beautiful as Natasha.

Naked Lunch(1991; David Cronenberg) -I am in obsessed with Cronenberg puppets and effects right now, so this was the next logical foray. I am mildly obsessed with this odd film.

Rosemary’s Baby(1968; Roman Polanski) -It didn’t get under my skin the way Repulsion did, yet, it is dailed into uterus empathy. Mia and all the yellow are lovely to look at. Compared to the pacing of movies today, it feels so dreamy.

The Rundown(2003; Peter Berg) -It had good action sequences . AND Jon Gries is looking super Statham-y ::swoon ::
The Adventures of  Tintin- Such a fun adventure movie. I really wish I had seen it in the theater in order to  fully take in some of the epicness.

Monkey Business(1952) - It is a wonderful example of embracing becoming older. I want this Ginger Rogers character as my wife. Sad that it’s in the era when every one disregarded Marilyn Monroe’s true acting chops and  she has to play dumb

Move Over Darling(1963; Michael Gordon) -worst background movie ever, in that it was so good that it sucked me in and I got nothing done. the grown women tantrums were out of hand!

The Misfits(1961; John Huston) -The last movie in my Marilyn Monroe study… Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she’s not just a thing to look at, which I appreciate. This movie gave me the feels.


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Denis said...

I prefered the alternate title to the Rundown. "Welcome to Helldorado"