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Monday, May 13, 2013

WAC'd Out Sets: Nick Carter Triple Feature

Before the release of this set I'd never heard of Nick Carter. It's odd too because I am a fan of both Jacques Tourneur(who directed 2of the 3 films) and Walter Pidgeon. Also Nick Carter as a character was pretty well known as he had a popular radio mystery series.

"If I'm wrong, I'll apologize." This is New York flat foot detective Carter's catchphrase and he establishes it well in this film. Some plans for a new secret plane that many folks would like to get their mitts on function as the MacGuffin here. Nick is joined in his sleuthing by an eccentric beekeeper(Bartholomew the Bee Man) who really wants to play detective(played by the very memorable character actor Donald Meek). The Bee Man functions more as a comic foil in this film, but he comes into his own in the next.

PHANTOM RAIDERS(1940; Jacques Tourneur)
 Nick is summoned by Bartholomew the Bee Man(Donald Meek returns) whilst on vacation in Panama to investigate a mysterious rash of ship disappearances at sea. A London insurance company that's been paying through the nose on a bunch of seemingly legit claims suspects sabotage but cannot figure out how or why it's happening. This film really felt to me like the series hitting its stride. Walter Pidgeon and Donald Meek are a fun duo and I liked their chemistry quite a bit in this one. A hero needs a good and inventive stooge and Meek fills that role well. The Bee Man(known affectionately as 'Beeswax' to Nick) always carries bees with him and sometimes uses them to great effect. This installment features remote bombings by sound wave and
deadly knife-throwing. Fun stuff.

SKY MURDER(1940; George B. Seitz)
A murder on a private plane becomes Nick's new case. In the mix are a "Fifth Column" group of propaganda peddlers very serious about keeping their organization a secret. The dynamic duo of Carter and Beeswax must try to get to the center of this ring of dangerous spies! Cast includes Tom Conway(the Falcon himself!), Tom Neal(DETOUR) and the always creepy Milton Parsons(THE HIDDEN HAND). Zippy little espionage tale.  

This set is available as an MOD DVD via Warner Archive: HERE

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Samuel Wilson said...

Meek really makes these films, playing Bartholomew like a borderline psychopath, definitely against the actor's name and typecasting. The first two were great fun, the third somewhat less so, but in one package it's a good deal.