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Friday, June 7, 2013

Odeon's Blu-ray of BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW

BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW has become rather notorious to me at this point. My interest was first piqued with it in early 2008 when Joe Dante ran it as a double with HORROR EXPRESS at L.A.'s New Beverly Cinema as part of a series of his favorite films. I regrettably missed this screening, but the title was then on my radar in a big way. Later on, in 2011, Dante discussed his affection for the film on his wonderful website Trailers From Hell.
Watch that here(do it right now): 

Dante rather forthrightly declares it "One of the best British horror pictures of the 70s". Now I don't know about you, but when Mr. Dante takes a shine to a film and gives it his stamp of approval, I take note and seek it out as soon as possible. He turned me onto CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER previous to this and I owe him for that. What a wild and weird film that one is. I digress. So BLOOD, came recommended and I had just never gotten around to seeing it when I discovered Odeon was releasing a Blu-ray. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 
The transfer is lovely, it's packed with extras on almost a Criterion level and is all around a great disc. 
BLOOD is set in 17th century England. When the remains of some sort of creature are turned up by a plow in a nearby field, the villagers of the local township are affected quite adversely. Dante mentioned this film being  a sort of follow-up to WITCHFINDER GENERAL, which certainly makes sense. The two films are cut from a similar cloth, but BLOOD has more of something like THE EXORCIST in it as well as CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED. This movie certainly has some quite evil kids in it, that's for sure. Actress Linda Hayden is lovely here and she brings to mind a blonde Jenny Agutter for me. She is quite sexy and alluring and all the more creepy because of it. Rarely have I seen  smile more "devilish" in cinema.

Special Features include:
A 2012 Interview with Director Piers Haggard (HD)
Audio Commentary with Piers Haggard, Linda Hayden and Robert Wynne-Simmons
Audio Commentary with Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson and Reece Sheersmith
Touching the Devil - The Making Of Blood on Satan's Claw (SD)
Linda Hayden: An Angel for Satan (SD)
Theatrical Trailer (SD)

This import Blu-ray is Available from Odeon Entertainment here:



Dick said...

Really nice write-up. I really love this movie (although some of the "kids" are way too old). Linda Hayden is amazing in this and the whole movie has a very nice look to it - all green & earthy. Also an excellent score by Marc Wilkinson with a gently descending nursery rhyme like main title. The new blu-ray looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

Definately one of the best British horror movies of the time—and maybe of all time. Geoffery Hughes (Corrie's Eddie Yeates) makes a fleeting appearance as drunk villager (blink and you'll miss him) and Michelle Dotrice (from Some Mother's do ave em) is a reasonably prominent charecter too. It's kinda strage to see them in a horror flick.

Linda Hayden stole made the movie though.

I never really saw any of her other movies until pretty recently when I got hold of a copy of House on Straw Hill. BIG disappointment! Linda Hayden was still easy on the eye, but the movie is total trash.