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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Second Sighted: Cronenberg's THE BROOD on Blu-ray

THE BROOD(1979; David Cronenberg)
Cronenberg is a remarkable authorial voice in cinema. Dude has some serious staying power too as he's been at it since the 1970s and still continues to make interesting movies. I've been a fan of his for as long as I can remember. I discovered him around the same time as David Lynch and both filmmakers had a huge impact on me. Their films were strange and often dreamlike and they didn't resolve in the way traditional Hollywood films did. Once I found them I wanted to see everything they'd made.
It's tough to pick a favorite Cronenberg movie as he's done so many good ones. VIDEODROME, THE FLY, and THE DEAD ZONE are all pretty much masterpieces. I really do love all those films. The one that freaked me out the most was definitely THE BROOD. 
I remember seeing a crappy VHS of it long ago.I rented it from a long defunct video store called 'Video Hut' in Madison, Wisconsin if I recall. Video Hut really just seemed to consist of some dude's VHS collection that he had turned into a rental outlet. Anyway, I remember the guy in the store at the time really sold me on it. I'd already heard of the movie, but he was insistent that it was good stuff. I don't want to give away too much, but from the moment the "creatures" of this film appeared I was hooked. They were quite terrifying. I would read later that THE BROOD was born out of Cronenberg's divorce and child custody entanglements. He called it his version of KRAMER VS KRAMER. I always thought that was quite brilliant. That was one of those things made me aware of what a director with a strong voice could do. No other filmmaker could have funneled that kind of specific personal tragedy into a movie and have it turn out like THE BROOD. Over the years, it has become one of my all-time favorite films. Watching it again for the first time in several years, I found it even more impactful than before. This due in no small part to the fact that in the intervening years between my last viewing, my wife and I had a little girl of our own. Being that this story centers on a dad and his little girl for the most part, it really really got me. That's one of those amazing things about movies that I love so much. Where you are in your life can obviously have so much affect on how you relate to a film. Being a dad now gave me this whole other perspective on the terror of this scenario. Not only is it just scary on a surface movie level, but it also made me wonder what things I might be doing right now that will impact my little girl as she gets older(for bad or for good).
On top of being a great horror film, THE BROOD also introduced me to Oliver Reed and Samantha Eggar. Reed has become one of my favorites since I first saw this. His career is vast, varied and fascinating. I continue to discover great stuff from him each year. Eggar, I would later discover, was in William Wyler's THE COLLECTOR which another great creepy flick.

It's really nice to see THE BROOD finally get some special edition treatment. The extras included here are:
  • Meet The Carveths - Stars Art Hindle & Cindy Hinds interviewed by Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander
  • Look Of Rage - interview with Cinematographer Mark Irwin 
  • Producing The Brood - interview with Producer Pierre David
  • Character For Cronenberg - interview with Actor Robert A.Silverman
  • Cronenberg: The Early Years - Writer/Director David Cronenberg discusses how he broke into filmmaking

This BROOD Blu-ray looks great and is a welcome to addition to Second Sight's already excellent output. It can be purchased from their website here:

Look for their upcoming release of POSSESSION coming July 29th:

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