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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Second Sighted: THE LONG RIDERS Blu-ray

Talk about your all-star games. This movie is ridiculous. To my knowledge, never before and never since has a cast of brothers like this been assembled. It's just a brilliant ensemble. You've got Stacy and James Keach(as Frank & Jesse James), David, Robert & Keith Carradine(as Cole, Jim & Bob Younger) and Randy and Dennis Quaid(as Clell & Ed Miller). Outstanding. You've even got Christopher and Nicholas Guest(as Charlie & Bob Ford)!
Walter Hill has made a veritable truckload of fantastic films, but this one seems to get overlooked in the bunch. He made it during that ludicrously fertile period in his career between the mid 70s and early 80s. Hill had a run there as strong as any director's I can think of. Second Sight also released a nice Blu-ray of SOUTHERN COMFORT, which I also picked up when it came out. Their facebook page seemed indicate that they might even be putting out STREETS OF FIRE on Blu-ray at some point in the future. With Twilight Time bringing out THE DRIVER this later month, that'd pretty much close out my MIA on Blu-ray Walter hill wishlist:
THE LONG RIDERS is a great little understated western and as I said, I don't believe it gets its proper due. Damn - I mean, for me, all these actors would have to show up in the same room together a play frickin' Yahtzee for all I care. They are all favorites of mine and to see them playing off each other the way they do is just an absolute delight. But when you add to the deal that this story is in fact a great western tale of some notorious outlaws and the tensions between them, it's a surefire winner in my book. It's also the only film I know of in which David Carradine and James Remar have a knife fight. Ooh and I almost forgot the excellent Ry Cooder score!!(listen below)
 I picked up the MGM DVD of this movie when it came out and was of course saddened to see that it had nothing in the way of extra features. If ever a movie begged to have a bit of a story told about it, it's this one. So thankfully the Second Sight disc has a few things to offer us fans. First and foremost is a neat 60 min doc "Outlaw Brothers: The Making of THE LONG RIDERS". It features interviews with Walter Hill, James Keach(who was also a co-writer on the film with brother Stacy) and Robert Carradine. It was just the kind of thing I was looking for and I'm so glad they included it. Other extras include "The Northfield Minnesota Raid: Anatomy of a Scene"(also with Hill, Keach and Carradine)(15 mins) and "Slow Motion: Walter Hill On Sam Peckinpah"(5 Mins). On top of that, the transfer looks great. All in all a great package for Walter Hill fans. Pick it up.
It can be purchased via amazon UK or from Second Sight:

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Robert M. Lindsey said...

I really wanted to watch this many years ago when it was on HBO, but my folks said it was too violent. I'm old enough now I hope.