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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Synapsized: STREET TRASH on Blu-ray

STREET TRASH starts with a homeless character attempting to steal a bottle of booze and getting a long fart to the face. It's pretty clear right off the bat that Laurence Olivier ain't showin' up anytime soon. But that's okay you see, because STREET TRASH doesn't aspire to be anymore than its title suggests. When a film's most iconic set piece is that of a man being melted down into gory goop whilst sitting on a dilapidated toilet, it is a film that is looking to achieve a sort of squalid immortality. STREET TRASH achieves that. It is, in my memory, one of the grimiest, dirtiest, slimiest movies ever made. Not only are almost all the characters covered in varying degrees of dirt and grime, but many of them are quite reprehensible. I know these observations don't make the movie sound particularly appetizing, but it is. It flirts with the scuzziness of a Troma production, but somehow manages to be a bit more endearing. It does have its dopier "Troma moments"(the words "penis keep-away" come immediately to mind), but overall it maintains a proper level of offensive sleaze throughout. There's a sense of designed absurdity to it that I think helps make it stand out. You're either on board with the wild tone of the movie or you're not. Oh, I forgot to mention the plot. There isn't a crazy amount of story to the movie, but the main thrust of its narrative drive has to do with some hobos getting hold of a crazy toxic drink called "Tenafly Viper". As hinted at above, the effects of said beverage are that the drinker is basically melted into ooze-y glop. There have been some additions to the "body melting" genre over the years(I'm thinking of SLIME CITY and the literally titled BODY MELT), but STREET TRASH is really the originator in this area. Okay, maybe THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN was the original originator, but STREET TRASH is a body melt pioneer! Many a youth was sold on this film via it's unforgettable VHS cover art(see below). I was one of those youths. None of us had any idea what we were in for.
Synapse's "Special Meltdown Edition' comes equipped with the following features:
  • High-Definition Transfer from the Original Camera Negative
  • 5.1 Surround Remix Created Specifically for Home Theatre Environments
  • Two Audio Commentaries Featuring Producer Roy Frumkes and Director James Muro
  • THE MELTDOWN MEMOIRS – Feature Length Documentary on the History and Making of STREET TRASH
  • The Original STREET TRASH 16mm Short Film That Inspired the Movie
  • The Original STREET TRASH Promotional Teaser
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • ALL-NEW BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVES: Jane Arakawa Video Interview and Deleted Scenes!
  • Create Your Own Bottle of “Tenafly Viper” Wine with the Enclosed Label Sticker!
THE MELTDOWN MEMOIRS is a pretty neat doc that chronicles the creation of this glorious filth pile of a movie. It really gives you anything and everything you could want from a making-of doc, in that it includes extensive interviews with the Producer Roy Frumkes(who plays host), the cast, the art director, the special effects people and more. Discussions of how the film was designed, actor auditions, and tons of great stories of the production are also peppered throughout. It even includes interview bits with the then production assistant on the film, one Mr. Bryan Singer.

STREET TRASH is available for purchase via Synapse's website here:

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