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Saturday, August 31, 2013

THE FUGITIVE 20th Anniversary Blu-ray

Wait movie, you're saying that Han Solo is getting the death penalty? Indiana Jones is guilty of murdering his wife? These were thoughts that were going through my head when I first saw THE FUGITIVE in the summer of 1993. This film was quite an even for me at the time. The summer of '93 was the summer before I went to college. I was a big time movie fan by this time as I had worked in a video store since my junior year of high school. Movies had started to obsess me. And when I saw a damned good one in the theater it was always memorable.
I had become vaguely aware of Tommy Lee Jones prior to this movie, but THE FUGITIVE was a true introduction to what the man was capable of. He blew me away with his performance here and has stayed on my radar ever since. And Harrison Ford? How could I not be totally engaged by a movie that put him in a precarious situation like this. The interplay between Jones and Ford is truly iconic and memorable. They are brilliant together. THE FUGITIVE was very much a Hitchcock-type thriller and had a lot if the earmarks of Hitch's films before I was really aware of those earmarks. It wouldn't be for another year that I would start digging deep into Hitchcock's filmography. I really came to love his stories of everyday people thrust into harrowing situations. Anyway, suffice it to say that I loved THE FUGITIVE when I saw it that summer and it has continued to hold up upon repeat viewings over the past 20 years. It is absolutely one of the best films of the 1990s in my opinion.
Warner's new Anniversary edition sports a new transfer and it looks great, especially in comparison to the old Blu-ray release. Well worth the upgrade for that alone, but WB has also thrown in some new special features to make it more worth your while. The big one is a great new retrospective called 'The Fugitive: 'Thrill of the Chase'. This 28 minute featurette is very solid in that it includes interviews with all the major players on the actor side and on the filmmaker side. The featurette discusses each of the principal actors involved and there are some fun anecdotes and other production info that make the piece an enjoyable view. It's a lovely tribute and will be thankful to have it. Also new to this disc is the original pilot for the 2000 TV series of the same name.

The disc also includes the extras which were previously available on the first Blu-ray edition of the film:
- a commentary track with director Andrew Davis and Tommy Lee Jones.
-an introduction by Harris0n Ford and Andrew Davi.
-a production overview/behind-the-scenes called 'On The Run with THE FUGUTIVE'.
-a breakdown of the making of the train sequence in the film.

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