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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Bryan Connolly

Bryan Connolly is co-author of the amazing book Destroy All Movies which I adore. He works at Vulcan Video in Austin Texas and knows a ridiculous amount about films. He also shares my affection for Jerry Lewis. He was featured on a couple episodes of Ain't It Cool's 'Vulcan Vault' and you should watch those here:

He is also featured prominently in the upcoming documentary on VHS Collectors called ADJUST YOUR TRACKING.
Pin (1988)
Anatomically correct doll teaches kids about sex then tells them to kill. Messed up film from Canada made all the more messed up knowing that the voice of Pin is Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks.

Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)
Part 7 in the series and my favorite franchise sequel ever. Super duper homemade and mostly an incredibly amateurish silly comedy. Feels like it was written by a thousand uncles. Lots of spicy chili jokes.

Black Christmas (2006)
The best horror remake since the 80s. It gives you what you want from the genre: Holiday themed deaths packed with great classic yuletide tunes. Some really, truly creepy stuff in here. More people should give it a chance.

Hard To Die (1990)
A group of ladies who work at a lingerie company in a skyscraper must out run a stalker who may or may not be the ghost of the killer from Sorority House Massacre 2, though the flashback footage of him is from Slumber Party Massacre. The first half of the film features every main character taking turns in the shower. This also features A LOT of machine gun battles. Jim Wynorski you are a genius.

Nothing But Trouble (1991)
Dan Aykroyd's masterpiece. Genuinely terrifying. I don't know what's scarier: The two giant babies or the part when the old man's nose is a penis. Some really messed up ideas going on here, especially the giant rollercoaster bonegrinder thingie. Also features The Digital Underground.


bruce holecheck said...

Glad to see some affection for BLACK XMAS -- people love to slam the whole remake trend, and while most of 'em are indeed pretty reprehensible, a few nifty little efforts have actually escaped into public.

Damon said...

Ok, ok. Because of this I will give BLACK XMAS another chance this holiday season. As a lover of the original I was not happy with the remake but I'll try to watch again with an open mind.

We'll see...

Joe Fay said...

You lost me at Black X-mas, but then I got to Nothing But Trouble, and YOU TOTALLY REDEEMED YOURSELF!