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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Chuck Dowling

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 Underrated horror movies? Why, that's my jam! Every October I do a video series on YouTube which is appropriately titled "31 Horror Movies in 31 Days" (Season 6 starts October 1st!). The goal, besides suffering, is hopefully to find some lost gems in the horror/thriller genre. And I've certainly managed to do that over the years. For example…

Black Roses (1988)
From the heyday of "heavy metal will summon the devil!" comes Black Roses, where a heavy metal band comes to a sleepy New York/Canadian town, plays a warm up gig, and the town goes nuts. Fist fights, traffic accidents, Big Pussy from The Sopranos gets eaten by a speaker monster… you know, all the usual tropes. The lead singer of Black Roses, Damian, is so not intimidating that he somehow becomes charming as a result. As goofy as the film gets, it's also incredibly sincere and it works.

Grizzly (1976)
JAWS on land, as a "giant" prehistoric grizzly bear is munching on campers in an otherwise peaceful national park. Lots of arguments between the rangers trying to protect people and the bureaucratic fools who want to keep the park open because of money. While they argue, the huge bear keeps tearing people to shreds. Rinse, repeat. Pretty disturbing at times, especially for a PG flick.

Chopping Mall (1986)
Terrific early Jim Wynorski flick where a shopping mall has been taken over by deadly security robots. Laser blasts, explosions, rampant mall destruction and killer bots… what's not to like here? Oh and Dick Miller too.

The Majorettes (1987)
Much of the Night of the Living Dead production crew sans George Romero put together this slasher/biker/revenge tale that sounds dull on paper but comes together surprisingly well in the end. Okay surprisingly well might be overstating things a bit, but it's pretty damn entertaining. And it's got loads of 80s nudity if you're a fan of girls from Pittsburgh.

Scream For Help (1984)
If you've never seen Scream For Help, don't even watch the accompanying video. Just go do whatever you can to track down a copy immediately. Written by Tom Holland (Child's Play, Fright Night) and directed by Michael Winner (Death Wish 1-3), this thing might be the most melodramatic, ham-fisted thriller I've ever seen. And it's glorious. A teenage girl starts to think her stepfather is trying to kill her mother and so she starts playing junior detective, with increasingly hilarious results.

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