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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Paul Malleck(Dormarth)

Paul Malleck is the man known as Dormarth and he is a genre fan like no other. He has a lovely collection of VHS that is quite impressive. He runs a zine called 'Dormarth's Horror Review' and I recommend you subscribe. Like it on Facebook here:

SPECTERS, 1987 d. Marcello Avallone
Donald Pleaseance rounds up a cast of Italians as they plunder the mysteries and occult magick of the catacombs of Rome. Running not just from his receding hairline, but the best spookies, atmosphere and action this side of DEMONS. An often overlooked gem which needs to be rightfully placed alongside the hailings of Argento, Fulci, and Bava.

WITCHERY (La Casa 4), 1988, d. Fabrizio Lauenti
Linda Blair and the Hoff are stranded on an island hotel with the onslaught of a major storm. One by one the cast gets picked off by ghastly witches, blasphemy and mayhem. If only Hasslehoff's acting matched his chest, the movie would be without blemish. Although it plays like a tv movie, It dives deeper than Linda Lovlace in it's attempts to astound and offend.

BLOOD OF THE BEAST, 2003, d. Georg Kozulinski
At the end of the 3rd world war, millions are dead and chemical warfare has left the planet males 80% sterile. The population has turned to cloning as means of prolonging the human race. 19 years after the fist breed of clones are birthed chaos erupts. The clones are cannibalistic and the 4th world war begins. A very disturbing look at war, scientific experimenting and utter despair. This film crosses zombies, post-apoc action, and the end-o-rama fear of the red baiting era, brutal and honest in it's approach to storytelling.

DARK AGE, 1987, d. Arch Nicholson
The open outback of Austrailia boasts a monsterous crocodile that is on a rampaging killing spree. At odds with the Aboriginal spiritual connections with the beast, western thought is challenged as a country full of white prisoners are put in their place as the close-minded fucks as they are. Esp finds it's way linking a tracker and the beast and proves to be the missing connection in the whole case. Great scenery and a great beast combine with a psychological treat.

THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, 1985, d. Jack Bender
A group of high school students fuck around with some black magick and accidentally raise an ancient witch, all of her minions, the dead, and a beautiful 50's cheerleader who's heart is way fucking bigger than her I.Q. Tons of corpses rise from the grave including werewolves, and a midget. They all come to the local Halloween party where they blend in better than hobos in Flint Michigan. Once enough blood is sucked from the teenagers the witches devilish plan is revealed. Running from the dead has never been such a blast. My absolute favorite tv film and one of the best Halloween and period pieces in history. I would kill to have seen this on the boob tube when I was 5 years old. I made up for it by showing it to my daughter at that very same tender age.

WELCOME TO ARROW BEACH, 1974, d. Laurence Harvey
Flower children are the absolute downfall of 60's culture, thank god one of these hippies ends up in a war vets foreboding coastal mansion of doom. The film slowly creeps into madness and the strange gets stranger until the ultimate cannibal climax. Cannibal films are usually obvious in their dietary exploits, but this Picasso of flesh works is subtler in ways starting with foreplay and thrusting deep into the bowels of fear. Not well known and way too under-rated.

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