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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Rebekah McKendry

Rebekah is Director of Marketing and Awesomeness at FANGORIA Entertainment and a College professor. She is also one of the hosts of the excellent Killer POV Podcast(also with Rob Galluzzo and Elric Kane). One of my favorite podcasts and highly recommended!

Rebekah is on twitter @RebekahMcKendry.
Dark Waters(1993; Mariano Baino) - this 1993 film is claustrophobic and damp. It revolves around a young girl whose father passes away. She discovers her father had been making larges donations to an isolated monastery, so she visits to find out why. This Italian film has a strong Lovecraftian vein that is extremely chilling yet beautifully shot!

Thirteen Women(1932; George Archainbaud) - this early 1930's film was thought lost for a long time, but it was just recently re-mastered and re-released by the Warner Archive. A woman decides to take vengeance on a group of girls who made fun of her in youth. It's pretty much the original slasher film.

Messiah of Evil(1973; Willard Huyck) - This is the story of a woman who travels to a California town to visit her father only to discover they are surrounded by a sinister cult. Such a solid film. Plus the scene in the Ralph's grocery store is one of the most terrifying mob scenes ever.

Fade to Black(1980; Vernon Zimmerman) - This one is hard to find. Released to VHS in 1980, Fade to Black was given only a very limited DVD distribution making copies hard to come by. Dressed up as iconic characters, a film geek takes revenge on those who have made fun of his movie passion. Its not only a great slasher but it pays homage to many horror greats!

Baby Blood(1990; Alain Robak) - I have mentioned this one several times on the Killer POV podcast. It is such a fun gruesome flick, but not one many folks know about. A woman becomes pregnant and soon learns it is actually an alien parasite that has taken up residence in her uterus. The creature talks to her, urging her to kill others and drink the blood for nourishment. It gets even better- in the English dubbed version the creature is voiced by Gary Oldman.


Jason said...

Been meaning to catch up with Dark Waters since reading a review of it in Marvel's Hammer Horror magazine from the 90's.

Thirteen Women is incredible. I had more or less given up hope on ever seeing it when Warner Archive came to the rescue. It did not disappoint.

Great to see Messiah of Evil make your list. I toyed with putting it on mine but for some reason didn't.

SteveQ said...

I didn't know 13 Women was available. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!