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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Alan Dorich

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1. IDLE HANDS (D: Rodman Flender, 1999) IDLE HANDS is not only one of my favorite horror films, it’s one of my favorite films, period. Some might dismiss it as just a silly horror comedy that was aimed at the youth market, but it’s actually a film with a lot of love for gory horror films. Devon Sawa plays a pothead whose hand gets possessed by a demon, and he ends up killing his friends (Seth Green and Elden Henson, both excellent). Things get even more fun when his friends come back from the dead as zombies, showing as much ambition as they showed when they were alive. For me, it was the best of the SCREAM-era horror flicks.

2. CEMETERY OF TERROR (D: Rubén Galindo Jr., 1985)
I discovered this one last year as part of a “Crypt of Terror” DVD set from BCI Eclipse, and to be perfectly honest, CEMETERY OF TERROR gave me the most fun I had of any horror film I saw in 2012. The first half plays like a great slasher film, while the second is like watching the Goonies wander into NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. If you can find this pack, it comes with Galindo’s GRAVE ROBBERS, which isn’t as fun as CEMETERY, but still is enjoyable.

3. TEETH (D: Mitchell Lichtenstein, 2007) Okay, so this is a relatively new movie – but I just don’t think enough people have seen it, so I’m putting it on this list. TEETH is an amazing horror/comedy about a girl (the excellent Jess Wexler) in an abstience group who discovers that she has teeth – in her vagina. At first she’s horrified, but later discovers that it works to her advantage when dealing with the male creeps in her town. Lichtenstein, the son of artist Roy Lichtenstein (no, really!), handles this material with a hand that makes it feel like the marriage of Frank Henenlotter and Alexander Payne.

4. TICKS (D: Tony Randel, 1993)
Do you want to know why Alfonso Ribeiro doesn’t do more movies? It’s probably because he says, “I already did TICKS. You can’t get much better than that.” Okay, he probably doesn’t say that, but TICKS is a junky delight, featuring Ribeiro, Seth Green and Ami Dolenz as troubled kids who encounter mutant ticks spawned by marijuana farmers! Clint Howard plays one of the farmers, who goes through an extended period of suffering. It’s 100 percent pure fun.

5. RETRIBUTION (D: Guy Magar, 1987) This one borrows fairly liberally from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, but it’s still a particularly ferocious piece of horror filmmaking that is often better than some ELM STREET sequels. Dennis Lipscomb (who could pass for Tim Kazurinsky’s brother), plays a suicidal artist who tries to off himself and fails, but then discovers his body is being used by the soul of a murdered scumbag who wants revenge. Magar directs this one with a great amount of energy, gore and HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN-level colors, making it feel like a great time capsule from the ‘80s. Great stuff.

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