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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Cahcat

Cat(cahcat on twitter) is a genre and film fan extraordinaire! She runs her cool film blog here:
Also, here's a cool list of horror films she picked back in 2010:
It’s hard for me to pick and choose movie favorites sometimes. If you’ve met me you know I love the movie DARKMAN and that’s never going to change. With DARKMAN often on the brain it got me thinking about the movie maker I love to most, SAM RAIMI! And with that I turned to underrated films from the FAKE SHEMP gang. (FAKE SHEMP: The Fake Shemp term comes from when Shemp Howard suddenly died while some 3 STOOGES films were in production. A stand-in was used to replace Shemp. Sam Raimi took the term FAKE SHEMP to describe those in his films used as body part stand-ins, extras or actors portraying “nameless characters” and the best example is the cameo credit of FINAL SHEMP for Bruce Campbell at the end of DARKMAN.)

1. INTRUDER - Directed by Scott Spiegel we have a slasher flick set in a supermarket after hours as employees restock the place. The employees are all locked together inside working through the night only to be killed off one-by-one. Who is the killer? Could it be the ex-boyfriend? Could it be Randy, played by Sam Raimi? The body count rises, with plenty of gory kills, featuring early work from the KNB EFX gang. Keep an eye out for other Raimi FAKE SHEMP regulars!

2. THOU SHALL NOT KILL...EXCEPT (a.k.a. STRYKER’S WAR) - Josh Becker directed this one. (And sure it could be considered more action flick, but I’ll lean towards Action/Horror.) Jack Stryker is back from the Vietnam war and trying to start up a new life and settle down. Just as things get normal a crazy cult comes rolling through town. The cult leader, played by Sam Raimi, is causing a lot of trouble and of course Styker has to STRIKE back. With his war pals in tow they set out to clean things up! “There’s a time when the laws of God and Man must be put aside...THOU SHALL NOT KILL...EXCEPT”

3. SKINNER - Ted Raimi is the star in this one as Dennis Skinner, the serial killer who flays his victims, often preying on those he finds on skidrow. Traci Lords is also in the film as the woman was was once Dennis’ victim and now she’s out to stop him for good. Another fun casting highlight is Ricki Lake. I own it on VHS and showed it to my pals on a VHS movie night a while back. I’m not sure my friends have gotten over one key moment from the film, we haven’t talked about since then. Ted Rami is pretty awesome in this though, and yes I’m overly biased. It’s trashy fun and I stand by it, yup.

4. BUBBA HO-TEP - I saw this movie more than a few times in the theater when it first came out. I saw it with work pals, I saw it with my dad, I even talked my sister into watching it with me. This movie has my all time favorite actor BRUCE CAMPBELL as the real Elvis, growing old in an old folks home where a mummy, Bubba Ho-Tep, comes creepin’ in soul sucking the seniors. The ever awesome Ossie Davis is JFK and Elivs’ best pal. The two men are the only ones who’ve got the good mojo to bring the soul sucker down. It’s got plenty of cult movie status, but it deserves more praise. I think it gets too slow for people, but there’s so much heart and true friendship going on I love it more with every viewing. It’s a movie I love to share and pass around.

5. THE ATTIC EXPEDITIONS - I saw The Attic Expeditions at a midnight screening at the Sunset 5 oh so long ago (2002) as I was setting out to check out and cheer on independent cinema. It had a cool cast (mostly from the supporting folks of Seth Green, Ted Raimi, Jeffery Combs and even Alice Cooper) and a cool twist. The lead of this film, Tervor, played by Andras Jones, has been sent to a mental institution after killing his girlfriend. He’s plagued with guilt and wondering of how sane or insane he really is at this time in his life. Now I haven’t seen this in ages, but as I recall I had a good time watching, and I mentioned a twist that might have been obvious (for the horror minded), but it twas well done. And it’s really on this list because Ted Raimi is in it!

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