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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Deathwaltz Records

Deathwaltz Recording Co. is one helluva cool company that I endorse 100%. Their vinyl/CD issues of genre/horror movie soundtracks are spectacular.  They're upcoming ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 release looks to be mind blowing:
Also, check out the latest episode of the Killer POV podcast for more on Death Waltz:


OK, I have gone full 70s for these 5 underrated horror films... This isn't a list of films you don't know or a list of obscure films to prove how hip I am, it's just a list of films I love that don't seem to get the attention I think they deserve.
All of them are flawed but brilliant. I love slow creepy horror and the 70s is without doubt my favourite period for horror as it just seemed more inventive and willing to take you on an unexpected journey.

Read. Watch the trailers. Buy.
The Legend of Hell House(1973)
Hands down the best haunted house film ever made. No contest.
It's fucking perfect.It has a really amazing cast featuring a nervy and unhinged Roddy McDowall , the super gorgeous girl of my goth dreams Pamela Franklin and the stiff upper lip of clive revill it's written by Richard Matheson (who also wrote the screenplay) and directed by John Hough who manages to pull all sorts of odd shots out of the house which is most definitely the star of this film , It's super creepy and the music by BBC's Radiophonic bods Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson is a masterful work of minimal synth weirdness.
If you havent seen this then do so immediately . That is an order.

La Campana Del Infierno aka The Bell From Hell(1973)
Who couldn't love this sexy slightly demented Spanish arthouse horror apart from those that haven't see it yet ?
It's a very gothic tale concerning three beautiful sisters , their mother and an estranged cousin that has been let out of a mental asylum and is hell bent on revenge since they put him there to steal his inheritance. Visually striking and featuring some great set pieces this is must for fans of slow paced moody horror films. Absolutely essential for any eurohorror fan. Interestingly the director died immediately after yelling cut on the final scene falling from the bell tower of the title. According to who you talk to he either fell or committed suicide. A shame as this film is so good I could only imagine what other gems he would have gone on to direct had he lived.

Lets Scare Jessica To Death(1971)
Just plain creepy. Fans of Ti West and the so called slow burn should already be buying this , it's so slow at times you think it might be dead but it offers such an undercurrent of dread that i guarantee you will send shivers down your spine. It's a simple story, a woman has metal breakdown, her husband moves them out of the city to a remote farm for her to recuperate and from here on in it she begins to deteriorate and question everything she sees. Especially the ghost of a dead girl. is it real or in her head. A superior psychological horror film which should have a bigger following than it does.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane(1976)
This is from the early 70s When TV movies used to be good... It features a 13 year old Jodie Foster playing a child with a deadly secret & Michael Sheen as one of the sleaziest and creepy peadophiles ever committed to film. You can't talk about this film without big spoilers so I will simply say track down this gem of a film , again it is slow paced and very , very creepy.

Tourist Trap(1979)
OK so we all agree mannequins are creepy as fuck right ?
Well this film is loaded with them , the US 1 sheet alone is enough to give you nightmares. The atmosphere is just odd and super unnerving and Pino Donaggio's score is terrifying. Plotwise TT aint no great shakes a group of kids on a road trip get sidetracked and end up in a creepy old wax museum with a very creepy man indeed. Loaded with bizarre imagery for me TT delivers on all levels and certainly takes the slasher film to places it doesn't normally go.

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Hal said...

Just catching up on this great bunch of lists for Halloween; I believe Deathwaltz has my favorite list by far.

I have A BELL FROM HELL on DVD and it is something else. Certainly the scenes where our protagonist "learns enough" from his job are all hard to watch. The film wasn't quite finished when Claudio Guerin fell from the tower; reportedly, that's the reason for some of the edits being choppy and some abrupt shifts. It's still well worth watching. Ranks behind only WITCHFINDER GENERAL on my own "not for the squeamish" list.

I'm not even sure LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE is horror, but it is impressive. And hey, it's Bad Ronald himself defending her honor! :)