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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Jesse Nelson

Jesse Nelson is Co-Founder /
Messiah of Evil(1973) - Before they co-wrote American Graffiti with George Lucas, Willard Huyck (who also directed) and Gloria Katz wrote this underrated Lovecraftian film about a young woman searching for her father in a coastal town where something very wrong is happening.

Alucarda(1977) - Young girls in a convent are in league with Satan and all hell breaks loose. I once rented this from my local video store under this title and then when I returned it, rented Sisters of Satan because I enjoyed it so much I wanted to watch something else like it.....only to find they are the same film. I watched it again.

The Psychic(1977) - Though Fulci is mostly known for his gore films such as Zombie and Gates of Hell, this stands as one of my favorite of his films. It is a well written, well paced and well executed giallo that easily stands among the other films of the genre.

Stage Fright(1987) - Michele Soavi directed a series of fantastic films including the last great Italian horror film DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE but this brutal slasher is often overlooked. A group of actors find themselves trapped in a theatre where a vicious killer hunts them down one by one.

Xtro(1983) - Until seeing it at the Exhumed Films 24hr Fest I had thought I had never seen it but as soon as it started I realized that I had watched it years earlier in the video days. My initial thought was that since I didn't remember it, it must not be worth watching, but I was wrong. It is an odd, original sci-fi/horror hybrid that might be too out there for some that really needs an updated home video release.

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