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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Favorite Underrated Horror - Kevin Clarke

In the words of Kevin Clarke: "I'm a guy who works at Scarecrow Video in Seattle and loves HOWARD THE DUCK and the POLICE ACADEMY movies, despite knowing better. On my time away from Scarecrow I'm one half of the almost award-winning comedy group/film-making team The Entertainment Show ( We've made a feature length post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy comedy, STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS 2010 A.D. and an epic six episode "TV" series, ADVENTURE BUDDIES, both of which can be seen in (most of) their entirety at I also played the part of "VHS" in Scarecrow Video's production of VIVA VHS! in 2009."

Kids are the creepiest monsters of all. A masterpiece of atmosphere and slowly building tension. A perfect horror movie, with the possible exception of the heavy-handed true-life horror photos of starving, mutilated children during the opening credits, which I suppose give a context for the proceedings. 

A movie that I guess falls under the same "Mumblegore" banner of this year's much-hyped YOU'RE NEXT (still unseen by me). Slowly builds tension for most of it's running time, and then gut-punches the audience at the climax. A brilliant exercise in no-budget horror filmmaking that never gets obnoxious or cute. 

MAY (2002)
Contains one of the greatest performances in the history of the genre from Angela Bettis as the weird, lonely titular character. Recalls both CARRIE and FRANKENSTEIN, but has a quiet sadness all its own.

I think this Romero movie is as underrated as his DAY OF THE DEAD is overrated. A super-intelligent helper-monkey falls in love with a paralyzed man and goes on a jealous murder spree! Delivers in every way that trashy killer monkey exploitation should.

SLITHER (2006)
"You know Mr. Pibb is the only kind of Coke I like!"
In my opinion, the best horror/sci-fi/comedy hybrid, even surpassing it's "inspiration," the equally underrated NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. An ever-escalating barrage of gross monster effects. Every time I play this movie at Scarecrow Video I hear countless variations of "Oh…oh, no" "Gross" "Eww" "That's fucked up" and the like. Job well done, James Gunn.

Scott Spiegel's wildly stylish and hilarious slasher film. There's a shot that's a POV from a rotary phone! Sam and Ted Raimi are mere meat for the killing! Superior to many of the 80s slashers that are considered canon (FRIDAY THE 13th, I'm looking at you). With amazingly inventive gore effects from KNB.

The late Satoshi Kon's great 13 episode anime series about a smirking, rollerblading phantom street punk who bludgeons, seemingly disparate, people with a baseball bat. As Lil Slugger's attacks multiply, the connections mount and suppressed emotions begin to physically manifest, and internal demons spill over into external Tokyo, in a classic Japanese monster movie climax.

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