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Monday, October 28, 2013


NIGHTMARE HONEYMOON(1974; Elliot Silverstein)
A southern family tradition of chasing down the newlywed couple on their wedding night goes a bit awry when the couple runs afoul of a couple of hired killers. This film plays a little bit like a mini-RACE WITH THR DEVIL without the satan worship(or the race). The couple is attacked by these two hitmen and the wife is raped. A true nightmare honeymoon to be sure. An interesting choice the film makes is that it kind of stops and lingers on the emotional and psychological impact of the rape on the new couple. From there the movie becomes something of a detective story as the newlyweds try to uncover the mystery behind the murder they witnessed.  One memorable thing it features is Jeffrey Lebowski(David Huddleston) in a small pivotal role. Also, it's from the director of THE CAR, which was enough to pique my interest. That being said, the posters(see the above DVD cover) for the film are obviously trying to sell much more terror than the movie itself actually contains so it's a bit of a letdown in that respect. 
This is a nice disc from Warner Archive in that it includes an unrated theatrical version and a longer alternate TV version of the film with more footage as well.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL(1973; Boris Sagal)
This Made for TV movie is all about the cast. You've got George Kennedy, Jan-Michael Vincent, Bradford Dillman and Jack Weston. Roll those guys into a much blander 'dudes in the wilderness' plotline and you've got this movie which is something like the tamest version of LORD OF THE FLIES meets RITUALS meets A SIMPLE PLAN(but with almost no RITUALS except for the dudes in the wilderness setting). It's a little tepid for what it is, but I could watch these gentlemen paint fences so It entertained me. It is also directed by Boris Sagal who did one of my all-time favorites THE OMEGA MAN with Mr. Heston. Sagal actually went back into TV exclusively after OMEGA MAN and this was the 2nd TV Movie he did as a follow-up. 

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