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Monday, October 7, 2013

Second Sighted: CREEPSHOW Special Edition Blu-ray

CREEPSHOW was one of those films that showed on HBO constantly when I was a kid. For most of my childhood, we didn't have HBO, but we'd get it on the "free" weekends and I remember ravenously tearing into the HBO guide to see what movies I could take in or tape during our short window of viewership. CREEPSHOW was a staple though for sure. It was also obligatory on VHS in any horror section of any video store I walked into when I was a teenager. The Warner Brothers clamshell cover never ceased to catch my attention whenever I passed by it.
CREEPSHOW was one of the first Horror Anthologies I ever saw and it kind of hooked me immediately. It was a gateway for me to things on TV like Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside as well as other anthology films like DEAD OF NIGHT(1945), FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM, CAT'S EYE and TRILOGY OF TERROR. CREEPSHOW just had this sense of 'you shouldn't be watching this' that really drew me in. The opening bit with the dad throwing out his son's horror comics was something I guess I could relate to. Not that I read horror comics exactly(though I always wished I'd gotten my hands on some E.C. comics as they looked amazing), but I did read comics and watched junky movies that my parents didn't always approve of. It was just a neat way into the movie for me. As if the film itself was saying "Pssst, hey kid - come over hear and let me tell you some stories your folks wouldn't want you to hear...". 
Each of the stories in CREEPSHOW is memorable in some way. Though I often combined "Father's Day" and "Something To Tide You Over" in my head a little, they were both disturbing. And Stephen King's portrayal of the titular Jordy Varrill(in "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Varrill),as over the top and cartoonish as his performance was, always made me deeply sad. I remember connecting with a few people over that exact point too years later. And who could forget the cockroaches crawling out of that guy's mouth in "They're Creeping Up On You!". That was a truly haunting image that has stuck with me to this day(along with the image of the woman getting pulled into the computer in SUPERMAN III). The story that most stood out to me at the time(and still does to this day) was of course, "The Crate" with Hal Holbrook and Adrienne Barbeau. I think it was this short that finally hit home the idea that horror could be funny and that horror and comedy were actually really intertwined in this interesting way. I had felt moments early on in the film where I felt like I should be laughing, but it felt so strange to do so. I had seen some shrewish wife type characters in other films but Adrienne Barbeau really outdid them all. In those other films, the shrewish wife was never killed horribly though! That was the thing that kind of made me have this feeling of there being something funny about killing a character like that. It was this sort of wish fulfillment for the Holbrook character in the movie and it was oddly cathartic for me too. It made me think of every time I had ever encountered a person who condescendingly began to lecture me about this or that and I had to just grin and bear it. If only I could have thrown all those people into a box with a man-eating ape creature!
I just loved the way this story was told and how it played out. Still one of my favorite horror stories ever.

This excellent Second Sight special edition release includes the following supplements:
• AUDIO COMMENTARY with George A.Romero
 and Special Effects Creator Tom Savini.
• DELETED SCENES (15 mins).
It's really a great collection of extras and some loving treatment for this 80s horror classic. The JUST DESSERTS feature length making of is worth the price of admission alone, but then throw in the commentary as well and you've got more than you'd ever want to know about the film. I dug the "Tom Savini's Behind The Screams" featurette too. I had no idea who Savini was when I first saw CREEPSHOW(and FRIDAY THE 13TH), but little did I know how much his work would impact me as I continued to watch horror films.
This is a really nice release from Second Sight with a good looking transfer in addition to these lovely bonus features. This disc is a must own for horror fans.


Brad Wilke said...

Loved this movie as a kid...and it still definitely stands the test of time. One of my favorite things was always John Harrison's creepy electronic score. I've always held that electronic scores, due to their unnatural source (usually a synthesizer) were always the best choice for horror films, as they added an element of the uncanny that couldn't be achieve with "natural" instruments (strings, percussion, etc.)...though don't tell Krzysztof Penderecki that. Side note, Harrison also directed a couple episodes of "Tales from the Darkside," which Romero Exec Produced. Good times!

Kev D. said...

It's amazing how well it still holds up. I would have thought the segues in particular would have aged poorly, but they are totally friggin' awesome, still.