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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shirt-tacular: Found Item Clothing

One of the earliest posts I ever wrote for this blog was on the topic of movie shirts:
I have been an obsessive shirt collector for many years. Earlier this year I was inspired to finally start cataloging my torso-wear  by creating an Instagram account and beginning a "Shirt of the Day" series. Five days a week, I wear a different shirt from my collection and post a picture there.
When I stumbled across Found Item Clothing years ago, it was love at first site(pun intended). How could I not adore a site that started its existence by replicating all if Chris Knight's shirts in REAL GENIUS?! Amazing stuff and I immediately set about buying many of their shirts. They even recently created a new REAL GENIUS shirt based on the famous 'Crossbow Project' from the film:
If the REAL GENIUS shirts weren't enough, they'd also painstakingly re-created a bunch of shirts worn by Booger(Curtis Armstrong) in REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Now I could adorn myself with either his classic "High On Stress" raglan
or the nearly as memorable "Greasy Tony's" shirt. Both had to be purchased forthwith. Even the other Booger perennial "Gimme Head Till I'm Dead" was given the recreation treatment. Clearly the creative folks behind the designs at this site were just tuned into my brainwaves. Like many children of the 1980s, I was a stalwart supporter of not only REAL GENIUS and REVENGE OF THE NERDS, but also TEEN WOLF. I love me some TEEN WOLF. A good friend of mine and I even recorded our own audio commentary for the film(on audiocassette no less, but alas it seems to be lost now).  Jerry Levine's characterization of 'Styles' in the film happens to be one of my favorites in all of 80s cinema. I'm pretty sure I can trace my obsession with t-shirts in 80s films back to him. I remember pausing my VHS copy of the movie to try to make out the slogans on his various garments. "What Are You Looking At Dicknose?" always seemed like quite a ballsy choice, but it embodies Styles to a T. Did Found Item share my affection for Styles? Of course they did. "What Are You Looking At Dicknose?" can be found there as can the wonderfully existential "Life Sucks Then You Die". But wait, there's more! Look for tees tying into other 80s favorites like HEATHERS, REPO MAN, CADDYHSACK, THE MONSTER SQUAD(see above), BEVERLY HILLS COP, SUMMER SCHOOL, LOVER BOY, THE TERMINATOR, THE LOST BOYS, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, STRIPES and POLICE ACADEMY among others.

Found Item is a varitable cornucopia of delicacies for the 80s movie fan and I cannot recommend you checking them out highly enough.

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