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Friday, October 18, 2013

Shirt-tacular: Go Ape Shirts

The first shirt I ever purchased from Go Ape was the below 'Evolver' design.
 It was one of those instances where once I knew of the shirt's existence I had to have it immediately. How could I not be immediately entranced by the idea of reworking the famous Beatles album cover with primates? Brilliant! I have, of course, misplaced the shirt now and that irritates me to no end. I hope to lead an expedition into my t-shirt stacks soon in hopes of escalating it. In the mean time I have been marveling at another of their lovely Beatles-related designs - the sublime 'Submarine Life':
 I am hard pressed to decide whether to get that shirt or the equally we some 'Bar Trekkin'. I realize this shirt may ruffle some geek feathers as the site of Spock drunk is quite unbelievable, but I find it entertaining nonetheless.
I think the most jaw-dropping shirt they have though is this one:
ROBOCOP on a frickin' unicorn. That really is the stuff dreams are made of. It is truly one of those images that once seen can never be forgotten. It certainly causes my mind to wander at the thought of the amazing film that could have come from if it had existed...

 There are several other worthwhile geek shirt designs at Go Ape, so give em a look:

All of the above mentioned designs are there as I said.
'Submarine Life':
'Bar Trekkin':
'On a Unicorn':

oh and here's a bonus design that might be of interest to old school gamers:
'2 Bros Plumbing':

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