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Friday, November 29, 2013

Shirt-Tacular: Arcane Movie tees

Arcane Movie tees had me at their "Silver Shamrock Novelties" shirt. If that was the only shirt they carried I'd say they were brilliant. But add in a BURBS-related tee and you've hooked me completely. Let me give you a short tour of this Cult Movie themed t-shirt site:

First you have the above mentioned HALLOWEEN III inspired classic:
And this tribute to Joe Dante's brilliance:

For droogs and fans of milk plus and ultraviolence:

 For folks with mental instabilities near Haddonfield:

Game programmers and game players looking to beat the top score on Space Paranoids:

When in lovely downtown Neo-Tokyo, stop by:
Wanna grab a burger with THE MONSTER SQUAD and Scary German Guy?
Or get your pesky TV fixed to keep your daughter from being pulled in?
(love their tagline)
You could even just relax, chew bubble gum (until you run out) and then kick ass:

All this and more over at Arcane Movie Tees!

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