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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shirt-Tacular: Dark Bunny Tees

I love coming across a cool cult movie shirt site that has casts a spotlight on films that, though they have their fans, don't often get shirts dedicated to them. Dark Bunny Tees has some groovy, interesting, and unique designs for all of us cult movie fans. I know lots of folks dig ARACHNOPHOBIA, but I've never seen a cool design like this:

I've been a fan of THE THREE AMIGOS for a while and have even come to love it more upon a recent revisit via the Blu-ray. This 'Goldsmith Pictures' tee is one of the first pieces of THREE AMIGOS apparel I've seen. Love it:

Who could forget Roddy Piper's most famous line from  THEY LIVE? Not me, especially because I always found it slightly awkwardly delivered. Maybe it's the face that he says "bubble gum" instead of just saying "gum". Either way,  Carpenter fans will dig this design:
(Love the "You Better Hope I'm Not All Out" tagline)

I am kind of a sucker for the "hand drawn" look of certain designs that I've seen on occasion. Dark Bunny has this in a few different flavors. First, the TERMONATOR look:
Second, this "Meet The Nostromo Crew" ALIEN shirt, which is fantastic:

Lastly, if you're a FIGHT CLUB fan, they have one of these for that flick as well:

The folks at Dark Bunny have no shortage of love for 80s cinema and I can't deny that I think that's pretty awesome. Their other designs in this decade range from John Hughes influenced:

To Tom Hanks:
 And Bill Murray:


And speaking of the 1980s, they even have this killer M.A.S.K shirt too!

Have you ever wondered what a Jack Burton radio show would sound like? Was he already his very own talk radio station on the old CB radio? This shirt supposes yes:

Just one more highlight I can't resist mentioning:
Here's a fantastic "Rogues Dark Beer" WARRIORS shirt. One of my favorite WARRIORS shirts I've seen thusfar:

Dark Bunny Shirts rule and they can be found on twitter here: (Follow Them!)
And Facebook here: (Like Them!)
or their official site here:
Also, just something to keep in mind - Dark Bunny does limited runs on their shirts, typically of about 350 each so if you like one of these, I'd recommend picking it up before it goes away!

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