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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shirt-tacular: Nerdoh Clothing

One of my recent movie shirt gold mine discoveries online is the wonderful NERDOH Clothing.  Nerdoh specializes in cult-film shirts and has their inventory broken down into Horror, Scifi, Comedy and Action movie related categories. They have some really neat and memorable designs over at Nerdoh and I highly recommend you check out their shirts. In facet, let me just run down some of my favorites from each category, starting with the Horror dept...
The first one that caught my eye was this lovely 'Frog Brothers Comics' shirt from the 1980s classic THE LOST BOYS:
Pretty cool stuff. The Frog Bros deserve a shirt in my opinion. You occasionally run the risk of going too obscure with a movie shirt design, but this one is just perfect:

Another 80s classic is of course Joe Dante's GREMLINS. If you're tired of Gizmo memorabilia, why not make people recall the movie and inventor Randall Pelzter himself with this lovely "Bathroom Buddy" design:
This shirt is guaranteed not to spray toothpaste on you:

Last but not least is a cute little number from everyone's favorite asylum in Illinois:
A great place if low-security is one of your sticking points:

Moving on to the  Scifi section...
Cronenberg fans will want to stop by and say hi to this wonderful VIDEODROME-inspired design:
James Woods himself would look great in this one:

Next up, there's a badass ALIENS design here that is quite memorable:
Somebody wake up Hicks:

I also dig this STARSHIP TROOPERS Mobile Infantry design:
Next up is the Comedy section...

I'm strangely not the gigantic BLUES BROTHERS fan I should be, but this 'Bob's Country Bunker' shirt is pretty outstanding:
And though I don't necessarily consider TEMPLE OF DOOM a comedy per se, this Monkey Brains logo is certainly humorous:
Finally, the Nerdoh Action section has some good stuff too. My personal favorite is this TRUE ROMANCE-inspired tie-in to Lee Donowitz's COMING HOMING IN A BODY BAG:
It's even got a classy little quote on the bottom there:

And who doesn't remember the Bamboo Lounge from GOODFELLAS....pre-arson that is...

And lastly, I can't pass up some more Tarantino love with this ode to Dick Miller's salvage yard: 
So hopefully this gives you some idea of what Nerdoh has to offer. Some good stuff here for the movie/t-shirt nerd in your life:

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