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Friday, November 8, 2013

Vinegar Syndrome: NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR on Blu-ray

NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR is one of those movies you might not have ever expected to see on Blu-ray. I know it took me a bit by surprise that Vinegar Syndrome was bringing it out. It's kind of perplexing film in a lot of ways, but is still an interesting watch. But if you went into this expecting something resembling TERROR TRAIN, you'll be quite surprised by what NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR actually is. One thing the movie does have is a killer intro. It goes from this amazing, flashing-yellow title card(which breaks into full on SUPERMAN-credits-esque streaks) into an amazing musical sequence. Basically it's just a bunch of kids dancing on a train. 

It's extremely silly and the song is of course quite dated, but it nonetheless gets your attention, maybe makes you laugh and then rub your hands together like "okay movie, show me what you've got!". But from there it gets kind of surreal. After the dance number, we see God and the Devil sitting across from each other riding the same night train. As they travel through witching hour, they discuss various 'cases'. These cases serve as the basis for what becomes an anthology horror film. The first case features John Phillip Law trapped in an asylum with an evil Richard Moll as an orderly type. I find it so odd that the guy who played 'Bull' on Night Court can still be a somewhat unsettling villain to me. Especially Richard Moll with hair. That just seems wrong somehow. Moll even plays a dual role in the movie with TWO different hairpieces. Anyway, their is this odd surreal logic at play during this segment and the other "cases" that follow. It feels like flashbacks are being intercut with the 'present' timeline and makes the whole scenario kind of WTF-ish. It's probably being too kind to call it a 'surreal logic' when it fact it is probably just disjointed editing. Also, NIGHT TRAIN features a lot of what feels like slapped-on voice-over which also adds to its oddball tapestry. Regardless, there is a certain mesmerizing quality to NIGHT TRAIN that could be worth experiencing. Especially for the batshit crazy last segment which feels like something out of a Lucio Fulci film. Oh, and did I mention it has some badass breakdancing? Indeed it does. Breakdancing AND Cameron Mitchell(sadly not in the same scene.).

The Special Features on this Blu-ray/DVD combo pack include the following:
-An Interview with Producer/Director Jay Schlossberg-Cohen.
-An Interview with Assistant Editor Wayne Schmidt.
-A Bonus Feature film - GRETTA(1984) ? Aka THE DARK SIDE OF LOVE?
-Commentary Track by The Hysteria Continues(a podcast group dedicated to slasher movies).

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