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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Bryan Connolly

Bryan Connolly is one of the co-authors of one of the greatest film books in recent memory (Destroy All Movies). He works at the great Vulcan Video in Austin Texas and has a vast knowledge of cinema and a love for Jerry Lewis. He is also an avid VHS collector/advocate and can be seen prominently in the new documentary ADJUST YOUR TRACKING:

Butterflies (1975)
Dir: Joe Sarno
I love the films of Joe Sarno. They are sex films that are about sex. How people interact with one another and use each other through it. Real emotions here, which is all the more surprising considering that the actors are adult film stars usually just put in films for naked reasons. This movie gets really sad at the end, but towards the beginning it has a bumbling sweaty underwear salesman who seemed to wander in from another film. 

Naked Obsession(1990)
Dir: Dan Golden
William Katt is a politician ready to destroy the slimy part of his town. Before he can do that though he pays the neighborhood a visit to see what it's all about. Soon enough he's partying with a hobo at a strip club and falls in love with Maria Ford.  Yes, it has the usual white wine drinking, torrid affairs and falsely accused murder one expects from the genre, but as erotic thrillers go this one gets pretty strange.  This might be my favorite title for an erotic thriller. Either someone has a great sense of humor or was incredibly lazy when thinking of it.    

Dir: Barbet Schroeder
It took me forever to see this movie because assholes kept on stealing this out-of-print dvd from the video store. It is as good as everyone says it is. I was surprised at seeing Mickey Rourke look like a real person. It's been so long. He's great. Frank Stallone is awesome. I wanna hang out with him. I heard he and his brother Sly are very helpful and nice to their mother. I like to hear that. 

Remember My Name(1978)
Dir: Alan Rudolph
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Top ten list of all time. No joke. It's hard to find, but damn if I wasn't floored by this. My friend Bret told me to see this and I was reluctant because I've never like a Rudolph film ever. This must be the good one. The pacing is wonderfully very seventies slow and the deliberate build up to what the hell is going on is so fascinating. Why is Geraldine Chaplin sneaking around Anthony Perkins' house? Why is Perkins so angry and nervous? It has the best drink ordering scene in movie history. True brilliance. 

Bottoms Up(1974)
Dir: Franz Josef Gottlieb
Everyone told me to stay clear of Bavarian sex comedies. That it is the worse film genre to have ever existed. That they are all unwatchable. I guess those people never saw this one. The first forty minutes of this movie are as if someone filmed my dreams and made them into a film. Busty women. Old men falling into barrels.  It really is the perfect balance of sex and slapstick. These movies are truly horny and zany, so much so that they make The Benny Hill Show look like The Turin Horse. I now want to see every one of these damn movies. 

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