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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Paul Malleck

Paul Malleck is the man known as Dormarth and he is a genre fan like no other. He has a lovely collection of VHS that is quite impressive. He runs a zine called 'Dormarth's Horror Review' and I recommend you subscribe. Like it on Facebook here:

Have a peek at Paul's Discoveries list from 2012:
and 2011!

BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP, d. Vito Trubbuco.  2012
A shot on video period piece slasher paying tribute to 80's slashers by straight up looking like one.  It's oddball gross out comedy rags on bible thumpers at a local bible camp.  The kills are nasty, and the atmosphere takes you back to the good old days.  I thought this one would be too tongue in cheek and just rip off the 80's but it's actually quite good, funny, and violent and it's own film.

WITHOUT WARNING, d Greydon Clark.  1980
As far as I know this one has never been put out on home video via VHS or DVD and can only be seen on a few 35mm's and dvd bootlegs.  I finally got my chance to view this mecca of Alien Rip-offs and it did not disappoint.  Martin Landau and Jack Palance ham it up in the coolest looking low budget sci-fi horrors in the deep woods where everyone is loony in their own way and the most insane out of all of them actually knows what's going on.  I felt like I was in  the DMV.

THE CRIMSON CULT,  d Vernon Sewell.  1968
Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele star in one of the coolest devil cult films ever.  The imagery is spectacular, the plot brooding and suspenseful and the atmosphere is to die for.  There is something going on in the basement, and it's not a black man with a popsickle... ala "Don't Look in the Basement".

ADJUST YOUR TRACKING,  d  Dan M,Kinem, Levi Peretic.  2013
An absolutely endearing look at the art of VHS collecting from fans, too fans, you know like FUBU shoes.  There are moments of gold and the whole film is wildly entertaining and funny.  There are many legends I have only heard about and now get to place a face on them.  If you haven't seen this yet, you are missing out!!!  These dudes also did a tour with the movie and promoted vhs trading expos on their way.  Yay!

REWIND THIS, d Josh Johnson,  2013
An all-out assault of history, insight, entertainment and theory of VHS told by the people who made them, distributed them, shot on them, collect them, hate them, love them and the lasting effect VHS has on the entertainment industry and our lives in general.  A true love story if I've ever seen one.

 Bob Schott leads this shockumentary into the heart of Puerto Rico with the help of Jay Robinson's narration.  Schott is  a huge dude who looks like Fabio with down syndrome as he interviews the locals including mayors, news anchors, policiasez, towns folk, and morticians.  The spooky tone of the narration adds to the flair of strange mutilations, cartoon monster flashes and even some UFO shit added to the mess.  The documentary takes you to no conclusion but is highly worth the watch.  60 minutes Wow, seemed like 2 hrs.

BLAME IT ON RIO,  d  Stanley Donen, 1984
Two best friends with garbage marriages take their daughters on vacation to Rio.  Micheal Cain's character ends up having sex with his best friends daughter who is also his daughters best friend.  She falls in love with him and they try to keep their lust a secret all while her dad is out to find whoever fucked his daughter so he can rip his head off and shit down his neck.  This film passes itself off as a romantic comedy but it's actually pornography for dudes who prefer the magazine Hawk, and Barely Legal.  I can't remember if she's 18 or not, but that's not the point, it's fucking nasty.  But I did enjoy how weird of a scenario this film was and how no body seemed to care about the message here.  It's kinda like an exploitation film for rich people who are perverted.  

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