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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Laurent Bouzereau

Laurent is a longtime film fanatic as well as a remarkably prolific documentarian. This is his 4th year contributing a list, see his 2012( 2011( and 2010( lists as well. He never ceases to provide me with films I need to discover for myself! Oh and if you haven't checked out his book on Hitchcock, you really should:
THE RAINS OF RANCHIPUR (1955; Jean Negulesco)
The film has an amazing disaster sequence -- incredible special effects and very impressive for the time. Directed by a forgotten director to remember: Jean Negulesco.

A classic western worth revisiting or visiting if, like myself, you've never seen it!!  

THE GREAT GATSBY (1974; Jack Clayton)
Jack Clayton's version... I'd never seen it all the way through... Performances are memorable -- watch for Moonraker's Lois Chiles! And it is a beautiful film.

CONVOY (1978; Sam Peckinpah)
Peckinpah's spectacular classic. Great fun.  Love the signature slow motion action scenes!!

SWASHBUCKLER (1976; Jame Goldstone)
When Universal tried to re-invent Pirate movies...  A few years too early! Has an amazing device of 'the devil' literally present in all the scenes with baddy Peter Boyle.  Only at the end, do you realize it was the devil...  This is sort of like Pirates meet Bergman's The Seventh Seal.

CHATO'S LAND (1972; Michael Winner)
A cool Bronson western I had never seen!!  The year would not be complete without a new Bronson flick!

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