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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shirt-Tacular: T-Shirt Bordello

T-shirt Bordello has lots of fun original designs, a lot of them along a food and drink based thematic which is pretty cool. It is a veritable smorgasboard of geeky goodness! Let me walk you through their menu:
They have some lovely Beer/beverage related shirts like these: And me being a Saturday morning cartoons and cereal kid can't help but love their Breakfast cereal line:
And here are some more random food and food item film geeky ideas:
Lastly, not food related, but here's a smattering of other random awesome nerdship right here:

Here's a great article about Don Myers, who runs T-shirt Bordello:
Here is the very excellent Subway/Zombie shirt Don is wearing in this pic:

Follow their newest shirt announcements and sales via their facebook:
and Twitter:

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