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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Slippers! (

Slippers are underrated as footwear in general. Like bathrobes, they are items of clothing that I always wish I had early in the morning when the house is cold, but then forget to purchase later. My attention was particularly drawn to slippers in REAL GENIUS, where they are actually a point of conversation between Val Kilmer and cult actor Severn Darden at one point in the film. In fact, Kilmer's slippers were one of the points of reference for this classic design:

These are very comfy, but I prefer my slippers a bit more... geeky? 
There's a whole 'Geek Slippers' section actually:
 some highlights include:

A twist on the classic bunny slipper paradigm with this ferocious set of MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL inspired Killer Bunny Slippers! With sharp pointy teeth!
 Star Trek Fans - Trekkers and Trekkies alike - would love to have their feet warmed by Tribbles!

For the Jim Henson devotee,  there's Animal to be worn:

or Kermit:

Speaking of amphibious reptiles, kaiju film fans will love these Godzilla feet:

There are even slippers for the LORD OF THE RINGS fan:
Some slippers are too clever for their own good:

And some are gadgety: 
 The point of all this is anyone can use a nice pair of slippers!

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