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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Hanna-Barberians: THE HERCULOIDS

I have been living an apparent lie. All this time I had assumed that I had seen THE HERCULOIDS original series when in fact I only remembered them from their part in the SPACE STARS series. In watching these episodes with my daughter, I began to notice some slight differences in the animation combined with the fact that I could remember none of these plot lines. Of course I recalled all the stores from their appearances on SPACE STARS as if if seen them yesterday (which can only mean I must have watched throes episodes a TON as a kid). It was in fact kind of an amazing discovery for me. I already loved these Herculoids, from Zock to Igoo to Gloop, and here I found an entire set if eps that I had never seen. It was fantastic. And to watch them with my little girl, who had become an instant fan of them when she saw them in the SPACE STARS, it was a wonderful thing. The episodes are great sci-fi 60s animated television - all well written and quite clever. I can easily see now some if the reasons I was fascinated with the show as a kid. A good part of it has to do with a youthful obsession with dinosaurs which my daughter shares as well. Though the Herculoids themselves aren't exactly dinosaurs, they are certainly close cousins to them and the Herculoid's planet is neat prehistoric-type  backdrop for their many adventures. Hanna-Barbera's 60s adventure cartoon output has absolutely proven to be somewhat timeless in terms of the appeal the cartoons have. I love that my daughter, who was born a full forty plus years after they were first produced and was still totally transfixed by them. For shows that I imagine we're made to be fairly disposable, that's pretty impressive.

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Unknown said...

It really speaks to itself. As someone who is both an artist and a business person, i typically roll my eyes when people try to criticize companies in things such as animation for being lesser for working on a budget.

As someone who grew up in the 90s, most of my Hanna Barbera memories were re-runs where in part some were already over 30 years old and it never bothered me in the slightest.

The shows worked for me than and still do now. They are as entertaining now as they were then. Some may chose to criticize them for uses of budgets and formula but those don't strike me as bad things, in fact they're reasons why i like them.

However i think the truest testament is this. A lot of HB's output was swallowed up by the network tv machine and only ran one season and some haven't even gotten that many re-runs since, the fact that even the lowest ones on the totem pole make a splash on social media in the 2010s hammers down the point people liked them then and still like them now. And that is just impressive.