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Monday, January 6, 2014

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Dale Lloyd (VivaVHS)

Dale Lloyd is a giant in the VHS collecting community who can be found on Twitter @VivaVHS.
also check out his site:
And here's a cool interview with Dale wherein you get to witness some of his amazing collection:
The full line-up is live on my site, but here are a few selected titles that blew me away this year.

Occupational Killer ('86)
A dark and dirty Mexican drug-pushing actioner. One of those delightful times where you take a chance on a movie based on its video cover artwork, and it delivers the goods on grand scale. The film is extremely violent in places and is littered with WTF moments. You will also never answer your front door in the same way ever again.

Fear City ('84)
I likened my viewing of this Abel Ferrara masterpiece to the first time I watched To Live and Die in LA, and I stick by that. Where the film ends and you immediately turn to the net to not only praise the film, but source the quad poster, soundtrack, blu-ray and anything else related to the movie that you can. Fear City pulled me in with the opening credits that play alongside a kick-ass soundtrack and a neon drenched New York strip, and delivered a seedy thriller that makesVice Squad look like Beverly Hills Cop. I never wanted it to end. I also can't remember seeing a more cooler and tougher Berenger performance. Man, I want to watch it again right now.

Modern Girls ('86)
Move over Into the Night and After Hours, for Modern Girls is now my favourite one-night movie of all time. Featuring a perfect cast and the most amazing soundtrack i've heard in quite some time, this movie turned me into a little girl. I got so wrapped up in its charm and i'm still on a sort of comedown from the drug-like smiles it gave my face. I mean, I went out and bought a Humpe Humpe record just because the DJ in the movie, Brad, was being harassed to play it during the club scene. I am obsessed with this movie and have seen it a further two times since.

Hiding Out ('87)
I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of Jon Cryer, even disliking his character in one of my favourite movies of all time - Pretty in Pink. But that all changed last year with the first time viewing of Dudes, and again this year with Hiding Out. Sure, it's a little dark in places, but this is a feel-good movie of the highest order. Being a fan of undercover cops in schools movies (Plain Clothes and alike), I can't believe it took me this long to check it out. Do not make the same mistake.

The Courier of Death ('84)
Despite our hero being a 5 foot 6, beer-bellied wooden acting assassin, this movie just keeps on delivering the goods minute after minute. And with a majestic synth score that could rival the very best, it deserves to be seen by a wider audience. Seriously, grab a copy and invite some friends over.


Unknown said...

Dale! Occupational Killer looks UNBELIEVABLE! What language is it in?

Ned Merrill said...

Can't say I adored FEAR CITY when I finally saw it via the Shout Factory Blu-ray a couple years back. Seems like diluted Ferrara to me, as if his final vision was compromised by the money men. It's a good NY answer to the LA-based VICE SQUAD. But, the latter is much better overall and I would strongly disagree that it's any tamer than FEAR CITY. Both films feature great opening title sequences with killer original theme songs.

I used the FEAR CITY opener, the David Johansen-penned "New York Doll," at that start of this "Dirty Old New York" video essay: