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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Allan Arkush

Allan Arkush is one of my favorite directors and cinephiles. He's the man behind GET CRAZY, ELVIS MEETS NIXON, SHAKE RATTLE AND ROCK, HEARTBEEPS and the incomparable ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL. If watching ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL doesn't make you smile (like it does for me every single time I see it) then you have a heart of stone. It's one of my all-time favorite films and I have a framed original one-sheet for it in my office at work. 
I first met Allan in person years ago at a video store called Laser Blazer. I worked there for several years when I first got to Los Angeles. It was a very special job to me for many reasons, but one of them was the clientele we used to have there. Lots of directors and often actors and musicians who were movie fans would come in on a regular basis. Allan was a pretty regular customer and was always kind enough to allow me to strike up a conversation with him about whatever movies he was browsing or buying. He of course impressed me immediately with his obvious depth of knowledge and pure love for movies. He's the kind of guy I aspire to be. Someone who spreads his love for movies to people all around him. It's a great mission. One way he does this is via Trailers From Hell where he has given lots of insights about lots of his favorite films. Check them out here:

For more Arkush list goodness, check out his Top Ten Criterions as well:
 Below please find a note from Allan that accompanies his list:

"It's that time of year for lists, and yes I have a top 10 list for 2013 but it's kind of like everyone's give or take a few titles and yes it was a very good year for movies. BUT, I also keep track of movies that I am seeing for the first time that did not come out in 2013. So here are my personal discoveries, Movies that thrilled and delighted and that I had some how missed. I'm nothing if not eclectic.
In no real order except for #1- Klimov's COME AND SEE - a GREAT story of war how did I miss that one until now, thank you Larry Karaszewski for your Trailer From Hell. Now for the rest:"

COFFY (1973; Jack Hill)

PITFALL (1948; Andre De Toth)

ROAD HOUSE (1948; Jean Negulesco)

SUMMER WITH MONIKA (1953; Ingmar Bergman)

GALLANT LADY (1933; Gregory La Cava)

20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH (1957; Nathan Juran)

BLACKMAIL (1929; Alfred Hitchcock)

HE WHO GETS SLAPPED (1924; Victor Sjostrom)

A PORTRAIT OF JENNIE (1948; William Dieterle)

I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE (1951; Michael Gordon)

NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1957; Jacques Tourneur)

THE UNINVITED (1944; Lewis Allen)



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