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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Cathie Horlick

Cat (Cahcat on Twitter) always delivers an awesome list! She is a dedicated movie watcher and a DARKMAN-ite. Do yourself  a favor and go check out her lovely blog:

Also, check out her discoveries list from last year:

In 2013 saw 234 movies I’d never seen before. These film are among my favorites and they were special discoveries for one reason or another. I don’t want to spoil them much but rather share what I liked best and hope you can seek them out too.

1. The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (1968) 
Shirley MacLaine is Mrs. Blossom, she’s a housewife, married to a workaholic, Robert Blossom, played by Richard Attenborough who runs a Brassiere factory. One day when Mrs. Blossom’s sewing machine goes out, Robert sends one of his employees Ambrose Tuttle to tend to the repairs. Well, Mrs. Blossom and Mr. Tuttle have an afternoon romance and a secret affair begins. Mr. Tuttle hides in the Blossom’s attic and each day when Robert goes to work, Mr. Tuttle and Mrs. Blossom spend all their time together. It’s a strange and incredibly sweet story. It’s supposedly based on a true story too, but this one has a happier ending. I really adored this film and it’s because of Shirley MacLaine. Her bubbly persona just oozes and it’s great seeing a young Richard Attenborough.

2. and 3. Miranda (1948) & Mad About Men (1954) (on netflix) 
Miranda, a movie about a mermaid, a charming and beautiful mermaid named Miranda played by Glynis Johns (Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins). It all begins when a recently married man longs for a bachelor weekend to do some fishing. He’s caught by the mermaid, Miranda, and she asks to be taken on land. She’s got irresistible charm and more than one man falls under her spell. Glynis is a gorgeous mermaid and the tail is a beauty. Another incredibly adorable movie. It also has a sequel, which I also found on Netflix and watched immediately. The sequel Mad About Men casts Glynis again in the roll of the Mermaid Miranda and as a human school teacher Caroline the distant relative of Miranda. We get a let’s switch places story as Caroline escapes on a bike trip before settling down into marriage. Well Miranda decided Caroline’s fiance is no good and sets out to find a new man. It’s much more corny than the original, more comic relief bits, but the Mermaid effects shine and the fun and laughs continue.
4. Hopscotch (1980) (on netflix)
I got to see Hopscotch on the big screen at the New Beverly. It was a movie that made the whole theater laugh. Walter Matthau is Miles Kendig, a CIA agent planning to expose how the CIA and KGB work much to the annoyance of the CIA and KGB. As Miles write his memoir he’s on the run from the CIA, but plotting and scheming every step of the way. It’s a very hilarious spy adventure.

5. Money Movers (1978) (on netflix)
This was a great discovery. I had missed some screening of it a while back and just sat down to watch it on Netflix. A heist film, in Australia. An amazing heist film! It’s got action, violence, good guys, bad guys, a great cast, including a young Bryan Brown! It’s based on a true story. What you need to know is there’s an Armored truck payroll company that’s recently been robbed. The company finds out there’s another plan coming up and it must be foiled. Watching you know who’s making the plan of course from the start but you won’t be prepared for what happens. This movie has it all and delivers from beginning to end. Watch it as soon as possible. I can’t say more as it’s spoiler territory.

6. Friday Foster (1978) (on netflix)
Pam Grier, Yaphet Kotto, Carl Weathers, Eartha Kitt! This film was actually based on a syndicated comic strip! A model, photographer, Friday Foster, played by Pam Grier gets the scoop on an attempted assassination which of course puts her life on the line and she’s now in the middle of a grand political power plot. Pam/Friday does what does best and kicks ass!

7. Trade Winds (1938) (amazon instant)
A young well to do pianist, Kay Kerrigan is called to the morgue to identify her sister’s body. Kay sets off to confront her sisters boyfriend and ends up shooting him. Kay then fakes her own death and goes on the run. Sam Wye is put on the case, he’s a womanizing ace detective. The film has love triangles, mistaken identity, lies and deceit a plenty. It’s a great classic that I’m glad I stumbled upon, thanks to my love of old movies.

8. The Parole Officer (2001) (netflix)
Steve Coogan’s first starring role! Steve is Simon Garden, a parole officer who’s not so good at his job. When Simon witnesses a murder, that’s been captured on video tape, he has to round up a team of ex-cons to steal the vhs and clear his own reputation. It’s a rather hilarious comedy. There’s mishaps, pratfalls, just good old fashion laughs and good time all around. I was also excited to see Lena Headey in this film, she’s really fantastic in a comedic role.

9. Stingray Sam (2008) (netflix)
Being a fan of The American Astronaut I just had to watch this film when I came across it one night on Netflix. A Musical Sci-Fi Western it was first pieced together as a serial, with six episodes following Stingray Sam and The Quasar Kid as they travel through space to rescue a kid. There’s song, dance and it’s in black and white. I’m a sucker for all of those things.

10. The Ghastly Love Of Johnny X (2012)
I really am a sucker for certain things as I just mentioned above. I can’t help but have a soft spot for movie that has the following; musical numbers, black and white, sci-fi B movie quirks, a 50’s settings. The Ghastly Love of Johnny X has it all. Johnny X was shot on black and white film, the last of the Kodak’s Eastman Plus-X Negative Film 5231 and it was Kevin McCarthy’s last film. How’s that for some trivia? The deal though is that Johnny X is an alien on earth, and he’s looking for something BIG, he’s got a juvenile delinquent gang, and a fancy suit that helps him control others. His gal Bliss is on the run, after Johnny broke her heart. I love that there’s a mystery, music, aliens, and fun 50’s lingo. It’s just a fun kitschy romp. I told you I’m a sucker for that stuff!

11. The Final Terror (1983)
A slasher film that I had never seen and watched at the New Beverly Horrorthon. It was my favorite movie of that evening, back in October. Some young forest rangers go on a camping trip with a few girls and they have a run in with a disfigured killer. The cast is incredible with Adrian Zmed (Grease 2), Lewis Smith (Perfect Tommy/Buckaroo Banzai!), Daryl Hannah, Rachel Ward, Joe Pantoliano and Mark Metcalf to name a few. This is a gem in the slasher genre and I’m glad I finally saw it.

12. Lonewolf McQuade (1983)
1. Chuck Norris!
2. Chuck Norris is a Texas Ranger known as J.J. McQuade!
3. Chuck Norris works with L.Q. Jones another Texas Ranger!
4. Chuck Norris gets a new partner, played by Robert Beltran!
5. David Carradine shows off his Kung Fu skills and thinks he’s more bad ass than Chuck Norris.
6. Chuck Norris is gonna have the showdown of all showdowns.


Honorary Mention: One of the last movies I saw in 2013 was Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (1978) and it gets points for being about a vampire dog. Zoltan is the hound of Dracula, he’s searching for a new master and makes his way to Los Angeles. What I loved, ZOLTAN had a flashback scene, the dog was turned by Dracula who was in the form of a bat! It’s something you gotta see to believe. Zoltan makes more vampire dogs. The cast included Jose Ferrer.

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