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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Richard Winters

Richard Winters runs Scopophilia, a blog covering neglected movies from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Highly recommended! 
He also did an underrated comedies list for me:

and an underrated dramas list as well:
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Breakout (1975) This is an exciting prison break flick that is based on a true story. It features Charles Bronson as a helicopter pilot who briefly lands his copter inside a Mexican prison yard to allow inmate Robert Duvall enough time to jump in and escape. The aerial footage is fantastic and makes you feel like you riding alongside Bronson who does surprisingly well in a comedic role.

From Noon til Three (1976) Very quirky western dealing with Charles Bronson falling in-love with Jill Ireland while the rest of his gang robs a bank. Frank D. Gilroy’s script playfully teases all the old western clich├ęs and most of the time succeeds in being highly original and amusing.
Night of the Iguana (1964) Offbeat and surprisingly funny Tennessee William’s story dealing with a defrocked clergyman played by Richard Burton who must learn to come face-to-face with his inner demons and flaws. Sue Lyon is even sexier here than she was inLolita as the young woman who tempts him and Ava Gardner is equally enticing as Burton’s former lover. Director John Huston’s on-location shooting done in Mexico hits all the right cylinders including a fabulous looking hotel that was specifically built for the production.
Homer and Eddie (1989This offbeat road movie features James Belushi as a brain damaged man going on a road trip to visit his father and meeting the volatile Whoopi Goldberg along the way. It’s not completely successful, but does have its moments and Goldberg does well in an unlikable role and Belushi has a good number of funny lines.
Fatal Beauty (1987) This is another Whoopi Goldberg film that doesn’t completely succeed, but isn’t as bad as its reputation. Here she is a streetwise cop going after a big time drug dealer and meeting up with Sam Elliot who helps her nab the bad guys. The Goldberg, Elliot pairing is offbeat, but works and features some terrific banter between the two. There are a few good shootouts and Brad Dourif scores as usual as the villain.

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