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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2013 - Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is a general stalker of the finest movie podcasts available with a penchant for late 80s to early 90s actioners.
1. The Battle of Algiers (1966): From the Morricone to score to the documentary like direction, to the political and social commentary, this is not only one of the finest discoveries of 2013 for me but of all time- it has seriously pushed it’s way into top 10 contention of all time for me. Relevant today as it was when it was made I implore anyone to see it. Did I mention the Morricone score? Yes I did – every single chord and beats fits what is being portrayed on screen.

2. Rififi (1955): Quite simply the greatest Heist movie of all time. We all know about the 20 + minutes of silence in this film- it has been talked to death ironically- for good reason though- I don’t think I have ever felt as tense as this whilst watching a movie.

3. Le Samourai (1967): Melville directing Delon donning a long rain coat and hat whilst going about the business of being an Assassin- any other year this would have been my No.1. And the influence of this director is so obvious on the director of no.4 on my list..

4. Election (2005): Johnnie To’s Art De Triumphe- a modern day godfather- infact I will go as far as saying it eclipses the former- yes I know it was 2005- but I cannot not have this on on my list. To uses Yam and Koo who are regulars for his movies- if they were in every movie he made their would be no complaints here.

5. The Searchers (1956): Some of the finest cinematography I have ever seen , and to go with popular opinion I would agree with the tag of the greatest American Western of all time.

6. Lawrence of Arabia(1962): The pure scope of this is just a huge achievement for the time it was made. One of the greatest looking blu’s I own – I bought it as a blind buy- the 3 hour run time feels like 30 minutes- it breezes by. A bonafide masterpiece.

7. The Horse Soldiers (1959): another John Ford movie- Wayne and Holden are excellent but Constance Towers steals this for me. I have seen better films that are lower on my list but I enjoyed the hell out of this. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon discovery on TNT- I lucked out with it.

8. Tie Me Up Tie Me Down (1989): When Almodovar does comedy right- boy does he do it right- and absoloutley hilarious kidnap film with a fairly young Banderas- a fine supporting cast and just a bonkers plot.

9. Extreme Prejudice (1987): THE SWEAT in this film is like no other- why this has not had a UK or U.S blu release is a scandal- Walter Hills finest work for me. Powers Boothe does over the top guys better than anyone else.

10. Prince Of The City (1981): I love nothing better than a good ol’ corrupt cop movie- Lumet hits all the right notes and Treat Williams as the Serpico of this movie really does own the screen in

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SteveQ said...

#1,2,3,5&6 are among my favorite films! I can't imagine seeing them all for the first time in one year.