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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Underrated Westerns - Joe Dante

I've said it before, but Joe Dante is one of my favorite directors of all-time. I say that, not only with a deep admiration for his films, but also for his love of cinema in general. I've had the pleasure of interviewing him (twice!) and he is every bit as knowledgeable and entertaining to talk movies with as you would think he'd be. You should really already know about Trailers From Hell at this point(and you should be checking the site regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for new trailer commentaries every week), BUT if for some reason you are not already a fan, get thyself over to forthwith and start digging into their untold riches! I can't thank Joe enough for doing this list and I hope you enjoy it! Where I could, I've included his Trailers From Hell trailers below so you can hear some of Joe's insights about those particular films.
Also, if you're interested in hearing the interviews I've done with him, they can be found here:
and here:

Also, Joe did a list of 10 Favorite Underrated Horror films for me a while back if you want to have a look at that:

SHOWDOWN AT BOOT HILL (1958; Gene Fowler)

NAVAJOE JOE (1966; Sergio Corbucci) 

RUN OF THE ARROW (1957; Sam Fuller)

THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE (1970; Sam Peckinpah) 

THE BRAVADOS (1958; Henry King)

NO NAME ON THE BULLET (1959; Jack Arnold)

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