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Monday, April 7, 2014

Warner Archive Grab Bag - GREEN LANTERN The Animated Series on Blu-ray

I'm already loving the catalog of animated shows that Warner Archive is bringing to Blu-ray. They came out of the gates remarkably strong with BATMAN: THE BRAVE & THE BOLD which was an immediate hit in our household (especially with my little girl and I). As with BRAVE & THE BOLD, I'd not seen a frame of GREEN LANTERN The Animated Series and only had the high recommend of the Warner Archive Podcast gang to go on. Thankfully, this show didn't dissappoint. It's not quite B&tB good, but it's pretty great. One thing it does that B&tB doesn't so much is run an ongoing story that carries from one episode to the next. That's pretty neat for an animated show like this. It's neat though because it maintains a somewhat episodic nature whilst still continuing the over-arching story. It's also got a bit more heartbreak in it than B&tB. Characters in this show die unexpectedly and that creates some interesting stakes for sure. Because of things of that nature, this show may be a touch heavy for young children. My daughter loved it though I must say. She (& I) were both hooked by three episodes in. The storyline weaves in and out of lots of different influences - including old Star Trek, new & old STAR WARS and other modern sci-fi. One minor drawback to the show for me was its CG animation style (B&tB certainly looks better). I got used to it after a few episodes, but I'll always prefer non-CG animated shows. That being said, the storyline is strong enough to carry anyone through any issues they might have with the CG. Looking forward to more Animation Blu-rays from the Warner Archive crew.

Another CG Animated show on Blu-ray. Again, certainly less than B&tB, but a different animal altogether. Like GREEN LANTERN, this show is darker, and in fact it's considerably darker. It's actually considerably darker and grittier than B&tB and that may be even a little too much for some, but I recommend it nonetheless. This one may line up well with fans of Christopher Nolan's Batman. Think of this as the ever so slightly Disney Channel-ized version of a Nolan Batman cartoon. Like I said though, it's still pretty dark stuff and would never actuality air on the Disney Channel or anything. This one was a hit with my 15 year old and may work well for boys that age and a little younger. 

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