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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Underrated Detective/Mysteries - Silver Screenings

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The Kennel Murder Case (1933)
Before he became a 1930s superstar in The Thin Man, William Powell starred as the sleek Philo Vance, a detective series based on the S.S. Van Dine novels. The Kennel Murder Case, regarded as the best of the series, has Vance investigating a murder at a Long Island kennel club. Our favourite character is the doctor who is continually called away from meals and ball games every time Vance finds a body.

A Shriek in the Night (1933)
Ginger Rogers stars as a newspaper reporter working undercover for a businessman with suspected ties to organized crime. But before Rogers has pieced her story together, the man is murdered. Now she must find out who murdered the businessman while dodging a rival reporter who is determined to steal her story. Meanwhile, the murderer wants to silence her.

The Old Dark House (1963)
William Castle's dark comedy stars Tom Poston as a young car salesman who delivers a new car to a friend's crumbling country estate. Once he arrives, he discovers his friend has just been murdered – and the dead man's eccentric family isn't very sad about it. The Old Dark House is a delightful satire of the mystery and horror film genres.

Murder by the Clock (1931)
Because this is an early sound film there are a few awkward technical issues, but Murder by the Clock is an interesting whodunnit with fascinating characters. The stylish Lilyan Tashman stars as a bored woman who can't wait until her husband's rich and cranky aunt dies so she (er, they) can inherit a sizeable fortune.

Miss Marple Mysteries (1961-1965)
When was the last time a major studio developed a series of films starring an elderly woman? In the early 1960s, MGM released five films starring Margaret Rutherford as the charming but shrewd detective, loosely based on the series by Agatha Christie. Rutherford is not the only actress to play Marple, but she is our favourite. A series of films like this, starring an older woman in the title character, is not likely to be made ever again.


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These are all 100% my style. Love it!

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George White said...

I forgot to put the Marples, simply because in the UK they are always on telly, and the theme is iconic.