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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Underrated Detective/Mystery Films - Andrew Wickliffe

Andrew Wickliffe has been blogging about film and comic books for almost ten years.
 He also podcasts on the subjects.
And he isn't sure if he should have included The Element of Crime or not on his list. 
He can be found on twitter @TheStopButton.
1. Night Moves (1975)
I keep waiting for Night Moves to get popular. It has more recognition now than it did before, but still not enough. It's a transfixing private eye movie with Gene Hackman getting involved with a strange family situation while resolving his own personal problems.

2. Haunted (1995)
While technically a ghost story--professional skeptic Aidan Quinn is supposed to "solve" a haunted house--I've always loved how the film approaches its mystery angle. The solution to the case, how Quinn arrives at it, how much of Quinn's character's backstory is involved. It's all very subtle.

3. Clockers (1995)
Less subtle is Clockers, which has Harvey Keitel as a cop
investigating a murder and Mekhi Phifer a drug dealer reluctantly (and
passively) investigating the case as well. Spike Lee never lets the
murder investigation grow too big, but it's the roots of the picture.

4. The Runaround (1946)
Rod Cameron's a generic gumshoe, Ella Raines is a dame on the run.
Only, The Runaround is more for humor--there's actual danger, sure,
but there's a light romantic comedy amid that danger. Raines and
Cameron sell it all, especially the finish.

5. The Woman in White (1948)
While it's a problematic film overall, The Woman in White has some
great performances and a constantly intriguing plot. Eleanor Parker's
phenomenal in the film, which also stars Sydney Greenstreet in a
villainous part. Who doesn't love Greenstreet as a villain?

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Andrew Wickliffe said...

This guy really should have included Element of Fear!

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