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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Arrow Video - PORKY'S on Blu-ray

PORKY'S (1982; Bob Clark)
This was a film that I missed seeing in high school somehow but was quite notorious among the kids I knew. It was talked about a lot on my school playgrounds. It was known as that movie where the guy sticks his dick through the hole in the wall and a teacher grabs on and starts pulling on it. I think that just the idea of that scene being in a movie was so crazy and kind of shocking to me, that I was honestly rather intimidated by it and what other naughty bits a movie like that would have in it. I didn't really know what pornography was at the time, but PORKY'S seemed to be pretty close in my mind as a youngster. The movie really was more sexually frank than any mainstream coming of age comedy ever had been at the time it came out and it made quite an impression on people because of it. When I finally did see it, I could see why folks were in such a frenzy about it at the time and in the subsequent years. It's also one of toes movies that portrays a period of history in the United States that had been quite de-sexualized as far as how it was portrayed in movies and television (and as a result , in popular culture at large). The 1950s seemed to be a highly sanitized, "aww schucks" kind of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER-ish universe.
Bob Clark had a very interesting and varied career in his day. He seems to be best remendres for his comedies like this one and of course A CHRISTMAS STORY. They forget things of a genre nature like BLACK CHRISTMAS, DEATH DREAM and MURDER BY DECREE. He was a great filmmaker. PORKY'S a huge success and a cable hit, and that is certainly due in part to its outlandish sexual content, but it shouldn't be underrated as a great script as well. It is one of the most intelligent, clever and well-observed sex comedies ever made and that is why I believe it had such great success and has stood the test of time as a classic of the genre. 

Special Features:
-Audio commentary with director Bob Clark. This is a great track. Since the movie is based on a lot of Clark's own experiences, he has a lot of fun insights as to what bits are based on true stories and so forth. He's just an engaging, intellegent speaker so it's fun to hear him discuss the movie at length.

-PORKY'S Through the Peephole: Bob Clark Looks Back (15 mins)
Director Clark recalls the origins of PORKY'S and how the stories in it originated with him and his high school experiences and expanded out from there. He also discusses the difficulties he had getting the movie off the ground (it was a 15 year process to finally get it made).

-Skin Classic (11 mins)
'Mr. Skin' from talks about how much he loves PORKY'S and why (and how he believes that the group shower scene in the movie is still one of the best if all-time). 

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