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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Underrated Action/Adventure - Stephen Scarlata

Mr. Scarlata is a personal friend of mine and he and I are were very much raised on a lot of the same 80s junk/goodness. One of his favorite movies is THE PIT. He's a cool fella. He was also one of the producers on JODOROWSKY'S DUNE which is currently available on Blu-ray:
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Two years before their collaboration on Tough and Deadly, Billy Blanks and Roddy Piper teamed up for the first time in Back in Action.
Like Tough and Deadly, this movie has like twenty fight scenes. At least every ten minutes Blanks is beating the shit out of people. From a pair of muscled and mustached zubazwearing twins to an under the bridge illegal fight circuit tojust brawling at massage parlor. The action is non-stop.
It’s too bad this duo didn’t continue making action films together.  They could have been the straight to video Gibson and Glover.

The undisputed 1980’s action classic. This was a Cinemax staple. If you have not seen this film, you must. It’s brilliant. Every weapon know to man is used in this film from uzis to throwing stars, bazookas and razor-edged Frisbees. Like clockwork you can check the films running time, on the five to ten minute mark you’ll either have hot tub scene, an action scene or a cancer riddled mutant giant snake scene.  
Hard Ticket is one of the greatest and underrated action films ever made, ever.

This always has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.
If you want to see a movie set in the mid 1980’s Miami Vice world, this is your film.
The result is an R-Rated Miami Vice neon riddled film.Michael Mann produced this with a fellow Mimai Vice director at the helm. Directed by Paul Michael Glaser who played Starsky in Starsky and Hutch and followed this up with the Running Man.
Four juvenile delinquents are sent into the Florida everglades. They are taught how to survive by the bad guyfrom Avatar, Stephen LangThis movie is awesome. It has the classic Michael Mann four-act structure.

If you want to watch a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie with blood, check this one out. No wonder Steve Wang was set to direct the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers film after this and the underrated Drive. It’s a shame it never happened. Lot’s of wire-work fight scenes in this flick between our suited hero and monsters who know martial arts.

This is one of my favorite Shaw Brother films. If you love your martial arts films with blood, multi colored ninjas and revenge this one is for you. The set up of the Five Element Ninjas is almost like a horror film it self. A school of martial artists are brutally picked off one by one by groups of ninjas that represent wood, gold, water, earth and fire.When word of the massacre gets back to the school a group set out into the forest for revenge.  

This is a wacky live action version of Street Fighter. In 2043 Dhalsim, Vega and Guile go back in time to 1993 to stop Bison, but along the way they enroll in High School befriend a looser kid and help him deal with bullies. Be warned this mostly a comedy with lots of weird and silly Sataurday morning cartoon humor. After the first fight scene it takes 50 minutes to get to the point of action and it does get batshit after thatThe most surprising thing you’ll see is more Street Fighter arcade tropes than in the Van Damme Street Fighter film.You’ll actually see Chun Li’s upside down wire-workedhurricane kick. Also it’s cool to see Hadoken, visual effect battles including one with Guile’s Sonic Boom which is re-named Crescent Knife..

Bruno Mattei’s Aliens rip-off is everything you want from a Mattei film. An tactical group known as the Megaforce go after a mysterious creature underground and the results are entertaining if you like this type of film.

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