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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Underrated Action/Adventure - Dale Lloyd

Dale Lloyd is awesome and a longtime friend of Rupert Pupkin Speaks as well as a giant in the VHS collecting community who can be found on Twitter @VivaVHS.
also check out his site:
And here's a cool interview with Dale wherein you get to witness some of his amazing collection:

Caliber 357 (1985)
Caliber 357 was released here in the UK on the Frontier label, a small merger between video giants Guild and Medusa, and one that only yielded seven releases. I had only seen three of those; Sword of Heaven, LA Streetfighters and Peace Killers, so as soon as I found this one I had to see it, and tie in to that the fact that it was directed by the same hands that brought us For Your Height Only and, well, there was no holding me back.
This is a terrific slice of Filipino action with a bad-ass score. And just when you think it can't get any better, we have our random ninja scene. This is currently inside my top 5 of all new discoveries this year.

Survival Game (1987)
Mike Norris (yes, son of Chuck) is the man leading this one. I'm glad this blog is dedicated to action AND adventure because this one most definitely sits in the latter category as there is, despite the glass shattering front cover, very little action on offer here. What we go get is a pretty great adventure flick with Dynamike (alternate title) teaming up with Deborah Goodrich (of Just One of the Guys fame) to rescue her kidnapped Dad (Seymour Cassell) who may or may not hold the secret to some hidden loot. Directed by Herb Freed, no less.
A full on pointless sprint through a department store while "Louie Louie" plays out in its entirety is enough to warrant a viewing for those unsure. And you will also be rewarded with a killer final shot.

Rage: Ring of Fire II (1993)
A film I first saw at around age 12. My Grandad had picked it up from a local store expecting some martial arts mayhem in the style of Bruce Lee, but while he was left disappointed, I was overjoyed. Don 'The Dragon' Wilson has to fight his way through a bunch of underground gangs in order to save his girlfriend! Like a poor man's mash-up of The Warriors and Escape From New York. What, you still don't want in?

Indio (1989)
Hard to take in that this was directed by the same man that gave usCannibal Apocalypse, but this cracking little action flick also spawned a sequel (Indio 2). A one man army and ex-marine goes back to his village to save it from destruction by the hands of a former US colonel and all-time filmic bastard, one Brian Dennehy.
Essentially this is Rambo meets Avatar and well worth your time.

Collision Course (1989)
I'm just getting this in here somewhere. Only in the 80s would this exist. Not 'great' don't get me wrong, but far from the turd that many would have you suggest. As far as buddy-cop movies go, the chemistry between Leno and Morita is genuine and this should hold its head pretty high for having its golden moments. I for one would love to see more drunk Pat Morita in movies, and to then see him fly through the air at an oncoming vehicle to tackle it feet first is quite breathtaking.

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